Annual Sale: Style A Boring Wall With Our Luxury Console Tables
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Annual Sale: Style A Boring Wall With Our Luxury Console Tables

Summer Sale: Style A Boring Wall With Our Luxury Consoles

Console tables, originally designed to adorn the entryways of stately homes, have evolved into statement pieces of interior design. Among them, luxury console tables stand out as epitomes of opulence and refined taste. These exquisite furniture items combine exceptional craftsmanship, exclusive materials, and elegant designs to add a touch of grandeur to any space they grace. Covet House shows you how you can elevate any interior aesthetic to a whole new level with our Annual Sale!


Suspicion Console is daringly sculpted in stone and fills any room with lavishing luxury, the zenith between elegance and balance. This marble console table is the epitome of intricate equilibrium, joining marble with fine brass lines.




Liberica Console has harsh and strict lines, where the design contrasts perfectly with the fluidity and sort of feminine touch of the mirror. Inspired by the Coffea liberica plant, the mirror takes an oval contour, resembling the delicate shape of the plant’s leaf. Liberica Console is stainless steel with a bronze matte base, that simulates the sturdy branches that can grow up to nine meters, holding in perfect harmony a refined marble top. A minimalist design that will not go unnoticed.


Linear Console is simple in form, yet luxurious in materials and details, this marble and polished stainless steel console are a must-have in modern luxurious interiors. The very definition of elegant luxury.

Ardara II







Ardara II Console Table was inspired by unique structures – the dolmens are ancient stone monuments from the Neolithic period. With a finish in gold leaf with a gloss varnish, this console table will give a unique twist to any interior design.


Newton Console is a standout piece of international desire that distinguishes itself from all the other designs by its futuristic forms. Defying the laws of physics, this futuristic console has been designed by taking inspiration from its elder brother – the Newton Dining Table.


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