50 Best Interior Designers In North America
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50 Best Interior Designers In North America

Best Interior Designers In North America are here! Some of the world’s top interior designers are from North America, where many of them rose to prominence as mentors, ultimate tastemakers, and industry idols. Take a look at our collection of the 50 Best Interior Designers In North America!

1. Adache Group Architects

The Adache team and their international network, which has its main office in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and satellite offices in Pensacola, Florida, and Beijing, China (Adache-Icon), as well as strategic alliances in many states and countries, are proud of their past accomplishments, which have resulted in hundreds of projects that include tens of thousands of hotel, resort, and multi-family residential units. They are also known throughout the world for their creativity, functionalism, energy and efficiency.

2. Adriana Hoyos

Adriana Hoyos is known for her distinctive style, which is represented in her furniture and home design. Her aesthetic is timelessly warm and sophisticated. She has worked on hundreds of interior design projects and eleven furniture collections during the course of her more than 27-year career. With a portfolio of residential, commercial, and hotel projects for well-known people and companies in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, the United Kingdom, and France, the interior designer has earned a reputation as a leader in furniture and interiors.

3. Alene Workman Interior Design

Welcome to the world of Alene Workman Interior Design, where they respect their clients’ demands while concentrating on the art of design and seamlessly incorporate those needs into their creations. With 25 years of knowledge and experience, the multi-award-winning firm is a market leader and offers full-service interior design for new construction and remodeling in houses or condominiums.

4. Artistic Interiors

The amazing interior design firm Artistic Interiors, known for its custom interiors, was established in 2004 by interior designer Andy Quinones. With the most amazing team of professionals and the most cutting-edge technologies, South Florida is the fantastic home of this design firm. They thrive at providing personalized customer service and coming up with creative, classic, and exquisite designs.

5. B Pila Design Studio

Bea Pila, a designer who is passionate about custom interiors, founded this multi-award-winning design firm. Every client’s right to express themselves freely in their own homes is the foundation of her design identity. The most crucial elements of this artist’s business are space planning and furniture design. Bea’s interior design firm constantly injects some whimsical touches and personality into her ideas, whether they are for modern interiors or minimalist projects.


6. Barbara Brickell Designs

Introduce yourself to Barbara Brickell Designs, a full-service interior design firm with a focus on residential spaces, as well as the most cutting-edge use of customized windows and automation. With the help of this incredible organization, the client won’t have to worry about the drawn-out procedure that this task requires because this company will lead the client every step of the way while paying attention to the most crucial elements. All around Florida, where they masterfully reproduce the decor, their magnificent classicism projects can be found.

7. Beasley & Henley Interior Design

From interior designers and interior detailers to project managers, this full-service interior design firm was created by a team of incredible experts and professionals. Always delivering personalized customer service, their focus shares a concept on exquisite and modern projects, with the most incredible pieces of furniture. Achieving excellence on design, Troy Beasley and Stephanie Henley commit to delivering the most incredible settings.

8. Bilkey Llinas Design

Robert Bilkey, Oscar Llinas, and Mauricio Salcedo formed their innovative design studio in 1989. Since that time, the studio has focused on high-end hospitality projects around the world, including hotels, resorts, casinos, country clubs, spas, and convention centers. The major objective of Bilkey LLinas Design is to produce one-of-a-kind luxury hotel projects that satisfy the functional needs of the visitors while also being inspiring design experiences in and of itself.

9. Bray Whaler International

From luxury destination resorts to exquisitely designed boutique hotels, sizable urban convention centers, lifestyle and exclusive service goods, Bray Whaler works with every hotel brand in the industry. Renovations, new construction, and adaptive reuse of old structures are handled by specialized teams. Hotels, independent restaurants, bars, retail stores, apartment complexes, senior living facilities, nightclubs, casinos, train stations, and transit hubs are all part of their portfolio.

10. CAI Designs

A US design retailer called CAI Designs was established with the goal of offering the best premium lines of the best designer furniture and accessories available. The business includes showrooms in Arlington Heights, Colorado, Scottsdale, and Chicago in addition to its corporate office in Illinois. For your home makeover or any other type of design project you may be working on, each of them has a dedicated staff of professionals ready to assist you in locating the furniture or lighting item that is most appropriate.



11. Capitol Light

The Capitol Light design team will collaborate with your designers, store planners, architects, and engineers to develop or improve a lighting layout based on your unique requirements. They are skilled and knowledgeable in the most recent lighting technologies, ensuring that your lighting design achieves your desired aesthetic, is energy-efficient, code-compliant, and remains within your budget.

12. Captiva Design Interiors

Bridget King started this amazing design company, and it proudly stands out for its individualized client care and focus on every project’s details. Every client who requires the assistance of interior design experts values their professionalism and high-quality service greatly. Captiva Design LLC continues to dazzle its clients with their amazing design ideas while offering a variety of high-quality services, including real estate house staging and interior decorating services for residential homes and small offices.

13. Charles Cunnife Architects

Charles Cunniffe Architects (CCA) has been regarded as a pioneer in timelessly beautiful, environmentally friendly, and ethically sound design for the past 43 years. Based in Aspen, Colorado, CCA is a full-service architecture, land planning, and interior design business with domestic and international residential, governmental, and commercial projects. CCA has won a great deal of recognition on a national and worldwide scale since their founding in 1980.

14. Crespo Design Group

With high-profile projects in Florida, New York, Los Angeles and the Caribbean, Crespo Design Group has acquired a great reputation in the design world and a sophisticated, discerning and loyal clientele. The continuing success of the team has resulted in diverse work and a growing portfolio of recognition and achievement. Through their deep knowledge and expertise, CDG is able to capture the vision of their clients in their exceptional design solutions.

15. CT Home Interiors

A home furnishings resource with 80 years of experience, Connecticut Home Interiors is dedicated to offering one of the broadest collections of high-end, hand-crafted furniture, lighting, artwork, and accessories from domestic and foreign vendors. The original firm was a general merchandise store that sold furniture, appliances, bicycles, toys, and a range of other home-related goods when it was established in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1932. The business prospered over the years and started to transform in 1984 into a retailer of the best home furnishings from suppliers across the world.




16. Dawnelise Interiors International

Award-winning, full-service design company DawnElise Interiors International, Inc. specializes in both commercial and residential design. Their goal as designers is to assist clients in identifying their individual style and expressing it while enhancing their surroundings. They start by getting to know each customer and learning about their needs, preferences, and way of life. In order to fully comprehend the objectives and demands of their clients, they also actively listen to them. Their company operates with honesty and integrity, and they put out a lot of effort to provide outstanding results.

17. Decorating Den Interiors

Designing Den Interiors enjoys collaborating with customers to enhance the beauty of their living spaces and way of life. They’ll bring their portfolio with them when they visit your house, where they’ll talk to you about the project. Once the project’s parameters and budget have been established, they will return to their studio and design your project using their wide selection of products, which span the market for home furnishings and range from conventional classic to contemporary.

18. DeMorais International Inc

American-based consulting and distribution company DeMorais International specializes in design. Our goal is to provide the design community with a carefully curated selection of distinctive, one-of-a-kind products while also providing service that is unmatched. Several upscale American and European brands that are as distinctive in appearance as they are alluring are included in the DeMorais International portfolio. We continually go above and beyond every need and expectation, from furniture and lighting to fur throws and leather wall tiles.

19. DKOR Interiors

This design company from Florida, USA, is one of the best interior design studios in Miami because of its incredible staff of well-known interior designers. DKOR Interiors creates beautiful houses that immediately address the needs of their clients by adhering to the straightforward mission statement “Concept. Collaborate. Create.”. Each project that DKOR Interiors develops begins with an idea, and each concept is born out of a very close relationship with the customers. Their top aim is to take the time to comprehend each client’s unique needs and consider them as they work through the interior design creative process. The end result is a partnership between every member of the DKOR team to develop a genuine aesthetic and sense of place for their clients to enjoy for a lifetime.

20. Donna Mondi Interior Design

A luxury interior design company with offices in Chicago’s expanding West Town area, Donna Mondi Interior Design is one of the “Top 20 Interior Designers in Chicago” and was recently recognized one of the Top 100 designers in the world. Their team is driven to forge sincere bonds and construct locations with a SOUL. Donna Mondi, the company’s founder and president, established the business out of her passion for design and her ambition to create a unique, deliberately individualized customer experience.



21. Élan Collections

A multi-line showroom for the interior design industry is called Élan Collections. with a professional team to assist with, among other things, furnishings, accessories, wall coverings, and textiles. In 1999, Ken Vacca relocated to Las Vegas from San Francisco. After 25 years of working in sales and administration for designer apparel, Ken launched his own business at the recently opened Venetian Hotel.

22. Electrix Design

Electrix is an international interior design studio, based in Brazil, the United States, and England, that provides interior design and decoration consulting services differentiated by their global and sophisticated style. Through broad national and international networking with reference brands in the world of construction and design, it becomes possible and effective, the creation of current spaces and aligned them with the newest trends. Electrix’s projects reflect its identity and style but always incorporate the personalities and needs of its clients.

23. Equestrian Life, LLC

Each project at Equestrian Life Luxury Desert Houses begins with a wonderful piece of land, and the company works with very gifted architects to maximize the vistas, light, and other unique characteristics of the site. While they incorporate the greatest and most classic finishing materials, tiles, plumbing, appliances, furniture, and art to optimize the beauty of the home, they work with the best luxury homebuilders and artisans to make sure every detail is taken care of.

24. Eurostyle

European fashion The top luxury furniture brand in Vietnam, EuroStyle Joint Stock Corporation, which is a part of the KDI Holdings Group, was founded in 2009 and has dominated the country’s high-end interior industry. With its beginnings as a retail-based company, EuroStyle has grown into a whole ecosystem that offers services including advice, design and build, project management, and development for the high-end interiors market.

25. Freeman Architects

Under the limitations of their client’s money and time, they work hard to give the best architectural services available. They take into account cost, function, and aesthetics, and they have faith in their capacity to help your project become a reality.


26. Gilles Clement Designs

Affluent interior design company Gilles Clement Designs is run by visionary designer and art dealer Gilles Clement and his Belgrade-born life partner Aida Clement. The company serves a local, national, and international clientele through design boutiques and a contemporary art gallery in Greenwich and Westport, Connecticut. It offers a distinctively cosmopolitan, European urban chic, curated collection that transcends current creative innovations while remaining rooted in classic and iconic design elements.

27. Halo Interior Design

Their dedication to listening to their customers is at the core of everything they do. They adhere to a collaborative philosophy that begins with their small, tight-knit workforce and extends to their customers, suppliers, and the industry experts they interact with. Every project by Halo Interior Design is extremely important to the brilliant staff, and they put their ideals into action in all areas, no matter how minor.

28. Howard Design Group

One of Florida’s most well-known designers, Jeff Howard focuses on luxury boats, residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. His portfolio includes interior architectural and design work for prestigious premium brands including Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont Hotels, and Westmont Hotels. He has more than 35 years of professional expertise. In Midtown, Florida, he founded Jeffrey Howard & Associates, a full-service design company that is now called the Howard Design Group.

29. HUB Studio

Above all, they are committed to assisting you in realizing your dreams and supporting and accepting your distinctive vision. It’s about listening to you and assisting you in translating a vision for your interior space that is uniquely yours, not about their own personal design aesthetic.

30. Interiors By Maite Granda

You should get to know Maite Grande, a designer with a Cuban heritage who creates the most opulent spaces bursting with color and texture. Her inspirations are primarily drawn from modernism and Spanish culture, and she aims to produce the most amazing products possible while pushing the boundaries of creativity. The flawless balancing act between the highest level of comfort and design perfection is at the heart of the designers’ unique style.



31. J Design Group

J Design Group is an interior design firm that works on numerous projects for luxury houses, hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments in Florida, other states in the union, and other nations. The studio’s interior design projects are finished with the most incredible locations and opulent furnishings. This interior design firm, one of the top interior designers in Miami, consistently produces the most stunning projects, regardless of the type of space.

32. Jerome H. Davis Interiors

Amanda Davis Carreon discovered her affinity for design at a young age because her family has a history in the furniture and design industries. Her passion for designing useful rooms that look lovely is both a personal and professional aim. The interior designer got the chance to explore this love during her academic career and worked for various high-end fashion businesses. Currently, Amanda Davis Carreon continues her family’s tradition in the most incredible endeavors and environments.

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33. Joey Leicht Design

A Chicago-based interior designer named Joey Leicht enjoys fulfilling the wishes of his customers. He possesses a flair for style, an aesthetic eye, and a passion for the little things, all of which have an impact on his undertakings. From black-glazed doors with Baldwin crystal knobs to Roberto Cavalli wall coverings combined with men’s suiting on upholstery, his work sparkles with a New York Park Avenue flair.

34. Karen Lynn Interior Design

Since 1996, Karen Lynn Poulos has been engaged in the design industry and involved in projects designing interiors of luxurious yachts, gorgeous jets, and a variety of types of interior design projects both locally and internationally. Since founding Karen Lynn Interiors in 2001, Karen Lynn’s commitment to excellence and integrity, and ultimately her client’s satisfaction and successful design projects, has blessed her with the amazing last 19 years in business.

35. Klai Juba Wald

Klai Juba Wald, a company that was established in 1995 and focuses on hospitality architecture and interiors, designs and develops award-winning integrated resorts that are supported by venues for entertainment, gaming, retail, eating, conventions, and sports. John Klai and Dan Juba, the firm’s founding partners, established a strong reputation in 1978. Along with principals John Wald, Brian Fink, and Michael Stewart, Klai Juba Wald has been acknowledged as a pioneer in Las Vegas architecture for more than 26 years. Ann Fleming, the principal of the brand-new interiors division, recently joined the company.



36. Las Vegas Sands Corporation

The goal of Las Vegas Sands Corporation is to have a beneficial influence by attracting lucrative business and leisure travelers, boosting the local economy, and improving the quality of life in the host towns.

37. Lightology

Greg Kay founded Lightology in 2003 after completing his schooling to become a master electrician in the 1970s. When Kay was working as a roller disco lighting specialist, he was inspired by the art and culture of the era, which sparked his passion and creativity. This sparked an entrepreneurial drive that eventually resulted in numerous award-winning lighting brands, innovative designs, and the centerpiece of Lightology’s showroom in downtown Chicago.

38. Luxe Design Studios

A recognized and progressive contemporary interior design company, Luxe Design Studios specializes in the creation of contemporary residential, commercial, and cultural projects. Nicholas DeJesu, the company’s founder and creative director, is renowned for his straightforward, chic aesthetic, daring new concepts, and a firm point of view. He likes the combination of neutrals and color, handsome, clean lines, novel applications for natural materials, and the harmonious blending of functionality and exquisite detailing. His guiding principle has always been to approach space design as a single, all-encompassing vision. Some of the most well-known personalities in professional sports and entertainment are among his clients, who esteem him for his current and in-depth understanding of architecture and design.

39. Marc-Michaels Interior Design

Marc-Michaels, a partnership between S. Marc Thee and Michael J. Abbott that was established in 1985, is now a renowned, multi-national luxury design company with a workforce of about 70 experts. Our company’s scale, the scope of our worldwide interior design projects, and our established vendor ties set us apart from the competition.

40. Michael Wolk Design

With a full-service design company that includes interior, graphic, product, and furniture departments, Michael Wolk Design Associates has made a contribution to the interior design industry since 1971. His ground-breaking designs have been produced throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, and the United States. With every project, this amazing organization aims to combine the talents of a creative team of talented designers and highly competent specialists to achieve maximum perfection. When attempting to design every setting, this organization looks for innovation and contemporary settings.



41. Pepe Calderin Design

Interior design company Pepe Calderin Design, with offices in Miami and New York, specializes in high-end residential and commercial settings. They have combined interior design experience of more than 20 years, which has increased steadily at the worldwide level. An honor-winning business has a philosophy that emphasizes modernity, vision, and freshness. They ensure that the most extraordinary and gorgeous settings are delivered in every project they create, without any restrictions.

42. Private Label International

Private Label is an interior design firm with offices in San Francisco and Phoenix that consists of a hand-picked team of architects, landscape designers, furniture and product designers, graphic designers, and chefs, depending on the project. This innovative business strategy makes use of the greatest personnel available globally to give clients a cutting-edge competitive advantage. Our executive team oversees the entire process from beginning to end.

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43. Shalom Baranes Associates

Shalom Baranes Associates was founded in 1981 with a focus on the Washington, DC, market. The company has been at the forefront of development in the nation’s capital and has one of the strongest portfolios of significant building projects in the city, ranging from multi-unit residential and hotel projects to mixed-use and office building programs. SBA is renowned for its knowledge of base construction difficulties particular to the distinct regulatory and urban environments of Washington, DC, from the formulation of preliminary massing designs to designing practical, efficient floorplates that combine the latest cutting-edge technologies.

44. Sofia Joelsson Design

Sofia Joelsson, a native of Sweden who has been building a name for herself in Miami and the United States, is the head of Sofia Joelsson Design. Her wonderful interior design business stands out for its dedication to each project with great care and attention to detail. She seamlessly fuses each client’s vision and desire with her own sense of style. She wants to “capture the essence of their dream home and deliver a whole environment that intersects luxury with comfort, indulgence with wellness, and technology with simplicity,” according to her website.

45. Studio 33 Interiors

As a high-end “boutique design” company, Studio 33 Interiors, LLC. was established in 2008 with the goal of providing the expertise of professional architectural design to the premium markets. Their objective is to impart to their clientele the order, harmony, and beauty of the design.



46. Tandem

Co-founded TANDEM, a hospitality interior design firm in Las Vegas, in 2005. Tandem has over 15 years of experience and has produced numerous award-winning projects for businesses like Hard Rock International, Caesars Harrah’s Entertainment, MGM, Stations Casinos, and Palms Casino, among others.

47. The Gettys Group Chicago

The Gettys Group Chicago is a group of businesses with a focus on hospitality that strive to produce memorable experiences for visitors and distinctive elements that enhance brands. They have helped brands, operators, and developers create memorable and satisfying hospitality experiences all around the world for more than 30 years.

48. The Johnson Studio

The Johnson Studio is a creative collaborative that is actively trying to tear down the barriers that have traditionally separated studios from other types of buildings. To develop influential, significant places, their multidisciplinary and multilevel workforce collaborates both laterally and vertically.

49. Van Stry Design

Long-established national provider of store fixtures, Van Stry Design. Since 1975, they have been in operation. They take great satisfaction in their ongoing relationships with customers including Macy’s, Sak’s, Vera Bradley, Kohl’s, and JCPenney. In addition to being totally committed to providing their clients with the utmost care and respect, Van Stry Design is happy to be a woman-owned business. Anything will do for them. To make sure that their clients are successful, they go above and above. Their only achievement is the accomplishment of your designs.

50. Wynn Design & Development

In Telford, Wynn Developments provides high-quality office space. The building was built to a high standard and has contemporary amenities and technology. It offers long-term office leases for prosperous Shropshire firms.


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