The Best Interior Designers In New York (Part VIII)
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The Best Interior Designers In New York (Part VIII)

The Best Interior Designers In New York (Part VIII)

We are constantly inspired by designers and enjoy being a part of the evolving world of design. Some have influenced the way people think about design by making it more accessible, others were selected because they are iconic and a source of inspiration for many, and others yet because of the way they challenge and inspire through their media presence… So, we selected the best interior designers in New York that we feel have made an impression on the design industry in a big way!

#176 – Vicente Wolf

The Best Interior Designers In New York (Part VIII)

Acclaimed New York City-based designer, Vicente Wolf is known for his clear, restrained, and elegant aesthetic. A passionate traveler, Vicente’s frequent jaunts to exotic destinations provide him with a global perspective that he weaves into his designs. His interiors incorporate these authentic, globally-sourced artifacts and furnishings with modern décor in a warm palette capturing a sense of earthy charisma and timelessness. Wolf’s spaces ‘travel’ through time and remain relevant and meaningful environments for his discerning client roster.

#177 – Victoria Hagan Interiors

The Best Interior Designers In New York (Part VIII)

Victoria Hagan is the award-winning designer whose iconic sensibility is so uniquely American that Architectural Digest has dubbed her “the environmental equivalent of Katharine Hepburn.” Since founding her eponymous firm over 25 years ago, Victoria has been celebrated for intelligent integration of architecture and interior design. Based in New York City, the 26-person firm works on a wide range of residences throughout the county, providing a complete range of design services that reflect her signature style.

#178 – Virginia Tupker Interiors

The Best Interior Designers In New York (Part VIII)

Virginia Tupker is an interior designer catering to high-end residential and commercial projects all over the world. She is known for her passion for beautiful textiles, her sophisticated color sense, and her trained editor’s eye. Growing up in London, right off the King’s Road in the heart of Chelsea, Virginia was exposed to the pulse of both fashion and design from a young age. Her European upbringing, coupled with over a decade of experience working as a magazine editor for House & Garden, Vogue, and Vogue Living, has given her a unique approach to interiors.

#179 – Wesley Moon Inc

The Best Interior Designers In New York (Part VIII)

Wesley Moon is a New York-based interior designer, specializing in exceptional residential projects. Trained as both an architect and a designer, Wesley develops a comprehensive architecture and decoration package to ensure that the final result is seamlessly cohesive. Whether designing custom furniture or devising a structural solution, Wesley’s personal attention underpins each project and the team at Wesley Moon Inc. is in place to execute.

#180 – Whitehall Interiors

The Best Interior Designers In New York (Part VIII)

Whitehall is a Manhattan-based design studio specializing in interior design, interior architecture, and custom furnishings. Their projects range from luxury multi-family residential to bespoke hospitality and commercial interiors. They strive to innovate and create unique end-user experiences that inspire and maximize functional aesthetics.

#181 – WHY Architecture

The Best Interior Designers In New York (Part VIII)

WHY Architecture is an interior design and architecture firm based in New York that has a team of interdisciplinary designers, thinkers, and makers. They follow function and flourishing because they believe good design allows people and nature to thrive. For them, creativity is collaboration in context and its conducting, so they practice it between pragmatism and poetry, intelligence and intuition, experience and imagination. They learn what the world has to teach us so that they can have an answer for every project.

#182 – Wimberly Interiors

The Best Interior Designers In New York (Part VIII)

Wimberly Interiors creates an interior design that ignites experiences. Strategically located in all corners of the globe, Wimberly Interiors is a boundless, independent interior design firm that has broken down barriers in geography and creativity since its founding in New York in 2011. Their team of unique and creative individuals harnesses their collective imagination, inspiration, and experience to make their clients’ dreams a reality. Their offices are positioned in the strategic hubs of the world to service the growing demand for excellence and proximity for our clientele.

#183 – Woods Bagot NY

The Best Interior Designers In New York (Part VIII)

Woods Bagot is a global architectural and consulting practice founded in Adelaide, South Australia. However, they are focused on becoming a global studio having multiple offices, one of them being in New York. It specializes in the design and planning of buildings across a wide variety of sectors and disciplines, and they believe in the celebration of diversity across cultures, propelled by a shared sense of empathy where the values of end-users and the values of design are one and the same.

#184 – Workshop APD

The Best Interior Designers In New York (Part VIII)

Workshop/APD’s greatest strength lies in the diverse talent and expertise of their multidisciplinary team. They bring global perspectives and vast experience in architecture, interiors, product design, planning, engineering, and branding to projects of every type and scale. Their aesthetic is indefinable because each project is characterized by a unique combination of talents and circumstances that are impossible to recreate; the perfect team, collaborators and consultants, endlessly unique project locations, and client needs and desires. However, their work – obsessively detailed and crafted, inviting and intentional – is unmistakable.

#185 – Young Huh

The Best Interior Designers In New York (Part VIII)

Young Huh Interior Design is a full-service design firm specializing in residential and commercial interiors. A Detroit native, Young attended the Cranbrook School and received a degree in English from Smith College and a law degree from Fordham University. While pursuing further education and an internship in interior design, Young discovered her true calling and founded her eponymous New York City-based design firm in 2007.


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