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B+H Architects: Designs With Honed And Fearless Insight

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B+H Architects is a global design and consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada. Believing in the power of design, they are able to achieve amazing results by meticulously using their client’s vision to create customised spaces that inspire anyone who works or lives in them.

Taking the projects as new challenges, they use every opportunity to learn everything they can so they can create inspired bold designs with their acquired confidence. Above everything else, their success comes from valuing constant innovation and the cultivation of talent.

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© B+H Architects


The Koi center table by Brabbu has Koi scales on the sides that shine and reflect – on its brass surface – like the sun caught throughout the clear water. Koi and the Japanese word for love or affection are homophones, making the carp also a symbol of love and friendship.



    © B+H Architects


    The Délice armchair by Koket is an exquisite confection embraces you with its heavenly curves & luscious accents. This fully upholstered delicacy is accented by ever so sweet feet and the perfect fit for any project!


    © B+H Architects


    The Empire floor lamp by Luxxu is a statement lamp that will light up every room with its exuberant shape. Inspired by the Empire family, this majestic floor lamp is made of crystal glass and complemented by a gold plated brass vigorous standing.


    © B+H Architects


    Following the creation line, the Tycho small wall lamp by Luxxu creates a cosmopolitan luxury environment that conveys intimate lighting as its building inspiration and its reflection on the water. Brass with gold plated and crystal glass, an ideal combination to be used with more than one piece.

    Featured Image: © B+H Architects


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