Caffe Latte Home's New Pieces Blend Modern Design With A Luxury Touch
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Caffe Latte Home’s New Pieces Blend Modern Design With A Luxury Touch

Caffe Latte Home's New Pieces Blend Modern Design With A Luxury Touch

This new Caffe Latte Home‘s chapter is dedicated to design-forward details, expert craftsmanship, and adding touches of luxury. The brand´s design team is choosing fewer but better things, and their hearts are set on pieces with artistic touches that nod to the natural world. Now that the home environment is more important than ever, it’s all about adding livable luxuries, with stylish, elevated, and comfortable materials.


Nougat Desk

Distinguished as the most contrasting piece in the entire collection, the new Nougat Desk combines modernity with opulence, guaranteed by precious and rich materials, such as Nero Marquina marble.

Minas Big Center Table

In the field of coffee tables, Minas presents itself as the great version of a versatile complement, made in unique details, having the purpose of fitting into any living room, whether more modern or classic.

Minas Small Center Table

In a smaller version, Minas never ceases to lose its elegance and integrity. A perfect reflection of simplicity and functionality that any table must match.

Demitasse Armchair

The definition of extreme comfort and sensitivity has just taken another level with the arrival of Demitasse. The new armchair is cozy, but elegant while delivering a delight of lightness and sobriety.


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