Caffe Latte's New Pieces: A Minimalist Take On Luxury For Modern Homes
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Caffe Latte’s New Pieces: A Minimalist Take On Luxury For Modern Homes

Caffe Latte's New Pieces: A Minimalist Take On Luxury For Modern Homes

This new Caffe Latte Home‘s chapter is dedicated to design-forward detailsexpert craftsmanship, and adding touches of luxury. The brand´s design team is choosing fewer but better things, and their hearts are set on pieces with artistic touches that nod to the natural world. Now that the home environment is more important than ever, it’s all about adding livable luxuries, with stylish, elevated and comfortable materials. Here’s how to strike a minimalist take on luxury for modern homes!

Harar Center Table

Named after the Harar fields in Ethiopia, one of the top producers of coffee in the world, this piece uses a panoply of materials, colors, and textures. The Harar Center Table has a very clean and defined line. With a sophisticated design but a strong presence, this center table contains an upholstered exterior for a chic look, and two tops, both in marble and wood for utility.

Harar Side Table

Caffe Latte's New Pieces: A Minimalist Take On Luxury For Modern Homes

The perfect company for your sofa, this simplistic and modern item becomes exquisite for its familiar shape but becomes an outstanding piece for its soft and upholstered interior. A matching piece for the Harar Center Table, this version is spectacular by itself, but even more when combined with other Caffe Latte elements.

Cutty Side Table

A term describing a short and stubby spoon, which by definition characteries this side table perfectly. A highly modern piece, with a sophisticated dark bronze leg and a glossy cream lacquered top. Subtle, sleek, and practical, the essential item for any room or complement other furniture pieces.

Brutte Side Table

A variety of Arabica coffee, Brutte differentiates itself from the others by its highly complex strong flavor and high altitude plantation. This side table gathers inspiration from these two characteristics. A robust and firm base in Nero Marquina marble, and a fluid dark bronze top emerging from the bottom. Adaptable to any setting has a discreet clean design, but a powerful presence.

Ceylon Side Table

Just like a dash of cinnamon is the perfect addition to your coffee, this side table is the perfect complement for any modular sofa. It has an organic round shape and a very energizing appeal. A mix of materials makes this side table the perfect touch to any modern and contemporary room. A side table that’s both chic and useful.


 Caffe Latte Home’s New Pieces Blend Modern Design With A Luxury Touch


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