Capuchin: The Modern Modular Sofa You Need
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Capuchin: The Modern Modular Sofa You Need

Capuchin: The Modern Modular Sofa You Need

Looking for a modern modular sofa? Look no further – Capuchin is here! Modular sofas are one of the most notable comebacks when it comes to creating the perfect living room and yes, the sofa is back as the focal point of the space. There has been a shift in what customers are looking for some time now – more homely comfort seating with deep cushions – a place to lay down as much as to sit.

Capuchin: The Modern Modular Sofa You Need

Gathering inspiration from the neutral tones used in the Capuchin monks’ robes, from which the Viennese baptized the famous drink, Capuchin is upholstered in a cappuccino high-quality velvet and leather.


A modular sofa that represents the perfect brew between modern design with functionality. With an exquisite built-in walnut side table, ideal for your hot coffee to cool down. A design totally customizable to be your perfect cup of tea.


Capuchin: The Modern Modular Sofa You Need

When the design is reduced to its necessary elements you get a minimal approach that can be visually appealing and charming. Modern design incorporates this vision of “less is more”, distinguished by superior materials that emphasize a simple yet nurturing and warm atmosphere. Brought to you by Caffe Latte Home.

Capuchin: The Modern Modular Sofa You Need


Sequoia Center Table

Sequoia Center Table is one of the largest and tallest trees in the world that grows in California. Just like it, Sequoia is a force of Nature. The distinct walnut root veneer top shows the passage of years and the base in brass with an aged patina adds a refined touch. This coffee table proves the beauty of the action of time.

Naicca Suspension Lamp


Naicca Suspension Lamp represents the legend of crystal origins – created to represent the dancing soul motion. The brass structure and the quartz crystal of Naicca Suspension Lamp merge together in this contemporary lighting to brighten your spirit with a dancing touch.

Biscotti Bookcase




A perfect pairing for any office setting or a contemporary living room, Biscotti Bookcase was created with versatility and utility in mind, Imagined as a set of small biscuits on top of each other, the perfect little pairing for a tasty cup of coffee. Straight lines characterize this bookcase, becoming a great example of excellence in contemporary designed pieces, in a mix of nickel satin interiors with a walnut wood veneer in its exterior. Various compartments create a useful item without compromising its tasteful aesthetic.

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