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When Craftsmanship Means Luxury

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Craftsmanship is all about the process – the idea of an object until it’s done. If an artisan decides to create something, that piece is unique – that’s why Covet House decided to value this art and spread the artisans’ art worldwide. By offering a curated selection of contemporary designs and unique marketing tools, we are able to boost the creativity of the interior design community.

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All pieces from all Covet House’s brands are connected to their customers, they have an emotional connection and their customers can customize everything they want, the color, the size, among other things. The original idea of a product is from designers but their relationship with the artisans is intricately connected, they need to be on the same page in order to satisfy their costumers needs.

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Everyone knows that the price we pay for an industrialized product is a lot different than the price we pay for a piece that is made with love, one piece that soon will become a daily object requires a lot of attention and all the little details are planned. Think about oysters – if you have a fake pearl necklace, the pearls are perfectly round but if you have a real one, every pearl is different. You can compare a fake pearl to the industrialized products and a real pearl with work made by true artisans.

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The whole idea of putting together the thinkers and the makers from all Covet House’s brands provided them to do all their processes in a more efficient and articulated way. The thinkers have the idea, the makers turn that into reality. Design is everywhere, it’s part of your daily life. Basic solutions for your everyday problems were possible through design and if you look a lit bit closer, you will see that design and craftsmanship are a perfect match for the luxury industry.

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A brand gets more and more recognized when they present authenticity and exclusiveness through craftsmanship, but there’s also another reason for designers to spread craftsmanship – the design industry is striving to become more sustainable and consumers are starting to want objects that are made to last, not disposable ones. This made-to-last objects are not for everyone, luxury brands provide their products to those who are able to pay the means that are necessary to make a unique design come to life… and become timeless!
Covet House’s brands have a unique style that is already spread worldwide and craftsmanship will make daily objects of each brand become history.

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