Exclusive Interview With Marisa Gallo
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Exclusive Interview With Marisa Gallo

Exclusive Interview With Marisa Gallo

Marisa Gallo holds a diploma in interior design and architecture from IADE. For over 20 years, Marisa has honed her talent in a constant search for uniqueness and balance. She has successfully created a distinctive style and aesthetic synonymous with timeless elegance and classicism. Together with her, a team of designers is in charge of carrying out all kinds of interior design projects. The team specializes in the creation of residential and commercial spaces, both in Spain and Latin America.

Exclusive Interview With Marisa Gallo

What Marisa loves the most about her work is the possibility of using always her creativity. For the designer is very important to face new challenges, create different projects and have, as a final result, grateful clients. Creating the “wow” effect on her clients gives her the best feeling ever! The most challenging time in her career was when she and her team started to work in Latin America and the rest countries of the world. “It was new and a little bit complicated to manage at first, but we found it a very enriching experience that helped us keep growing and letting the world get to know us. We overcame the situation with hard work and positivism.” – explain the designer.

Marisa pretty much achieved everything she aimed. “I am living my dream working as an interior designer and I have a family that loves me, and it is proud of me. What else would I want?” – she said. Her sweet dream for life is to keep enjoying her work and to have the chance to design a boutique hotel. What makes her feel fulfilled professionally is making her clients happy after delivering the work and also, that her passion, effort and work are valued.


The relationship with her audience is normal. “I can’t dedicate it as much time as I would like to as I am always busy working. However, I always try to post photos on our Instagram account so my followers can catch up with our projects.” – explained the designer. At the moment, Marisa and her team are working in Marbella Design, a fair in the south of Spain. “We are very excited to present this project, for which, my inspiration was the Mediterranean style.” – she said. From Marisa’s point of view, what is trending now are the organic forms, sustainable materials, and functional spaces but keeping the design and the luxury.

Marisa Gallo‘s type of client is wide. They mostly do residential projects and restaurants, so their clients have different styles, but they always have a taste for sensibility, art, design, creativity and most importantly, the need to be in beautiful spaces. She is always open to new collaborations because it is a good way to explore new products and grow as an interior designer.


“When it comes to craftsmanship, for me, people that have a good process of elaboration and that care about small details are leading the way, always maintaining a good design and a high level of sensibility. But I would say that digital transformation will be the boom in the future. Still, I hope that personalized spaces never get lost because a machine can never substitute the sensibility that an interior designer has.” – Marisa Gallo


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