FREE SPACE INTENT: an active hub of fresh designs

FREE SPACE INTENT: an active hub of fresh designs



Free Space Intent is a full-service residential and commercial interior design firm. With a decade of experiences under their belt, they have worked with a large variety of private and corporate clients, creating a wide range of residential spaces, bars/lounges, restaurants, retail outlets, and office spaces.

Their aim is to provide distinctive, customized interiors while remaining sensitive to every client’s budget and time constraints.

Kim Tian Road

FREE SPACE INTENT: an active hub of fresh designs

It is their belief that the purest of beauty lies in the raw basics. They seek designs that speak of timeless elegance, defined grace and modern functionality. This down-to-earth approach is clearly marked by clean lines, muted shades and clever space planning to suit the cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Celebrating the notion of going back to the bare essentials, Free Space Intent creates urban retreats that soothe the senses and rejuvenate the tired soul. Always an active hub of fresh designs, Free Space Intent plays along boundaries that are untouched by many, creating homes with a strong presence and personality.

Buangkok Cresent

FREE SPACE INTENT: an active hub of fresh designs

Free Space Intent is honoured to be awarded 2020 SIDA-AkzoNobel ColourFutures Award organised by SIDS, which aims to elevate the standards and profiles of interior designers regionally and around the globe and is the only leading interior design awards programme in Singapore to be recognised and endorsed by the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and the DesignSingapore Council (DSG).




At Free Space Intent, they perceive design as a process which they will go through together with their clients. During the initial consultation, their designer will understand your intentions for every space in the house, provide suggestions, and formulate a design proposal base on the design brief.

DUO Residences

FREE SPACE INTENT: an active hub of fresh designs

The design proposal is not the ultimate end product, but the beginning of the design development process. Throughout this process, the designer will guide the homeowners, in both the aesthetics, technical, and financial aspects, to explore the potential and feasibility of the overall design. With the aid of computer rendered perspectives and actual material samples, they aim to eliminate misinterpretations and ambiguity in communicating design intentions to our clients.

The renovation process will be overseen by the designer to ensure the design intentions are executed according to plan. Site visits are made at intervals during the renovation period, not only to closely monitor the progress of works but also to check on the quality of works.


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