Get Inspired: How To Give A Little Luxury To Your Bathroom (Part III)
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Get Inspired: How To Give A Little Luxury To Your Bathroom (Part III)

Get Inspired: How To Give A Little Luxury To Your Bathroom (Part III)

A bathroom is probably the part of the house that usually doesn’t get that much attention – not anymore. Now picture this – a luxury bathroom will get you halfway to a luxury home design. Looking for incredible bathroom design ideas? Covet House has you covered!


This bathroom is designed with a deliberate luxury: marble panel, the iconic black Diamond Bathtub and a contrasting black and white marble floor. Brass and golden accessories complete the picture. Luxurious, indeed!


Here, the finest materials converge in high-end solutions that are also a tribute to craftsmanship and all the possibilities of those long-forgotten arts. Here, the brass tubes give the needed touch of luxury, making the Symphony Bathtub a piece of elevated design. The tub is made of white fiberglass giving it a clean look perfect for any luxury bathroom.


Biophilia is all about the hidden secrets that surround the essence of life – just like if your ambiances were alive and breathing. Nature is too beautiful to be kept outside so we brought it to be part of your bathroom. Plus, the Koi Bathtub is amazing!


Crochet is a tall display case designed in tempered smoked glass, perfect to exhibit small sculptures, perfumes or other bathroom accessories. This cabinet has 3 shelves and an open back, on top of a wooden structure lacquered in white, accented by a handmade knitting pattern in brass. We should all have a Crochet!


One-of-a-kind creations praise any bathroom environment whether you are building it from scratch or just remodeling. Luxury knows no boundaries and Maison Valentina is proof of that. See for yourself!


Inspired by the typical karst formations produced by the dissolution of limestone rocks, this unique freestanding bathtub exposes its gold and rich interiors made of polished brass that contrast with the mirrored sides, producing a luxurious design artwork. The Lapiaz Bathtub stands out due to its elegance and sensuality.


Feeling inspired to revamp your luxury closet? Even if you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, you may not know how to use it to its full potential. Looking for feminine allure and over-the-top glamour? Here’s the Stiletto Stool!


 Get Inspired: How To Give A Little Luxury To Your Bathroom (Part II)


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