Irresistibly Stylish Mid-century Interiors With A Twist
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Irresistibly Stylish Mid-century Interiors With A Twist

Irresistibly Stylish Mid-century Interiors With A Twist

Mid-century interiors have a breezy and seamless flow, by recreating the ultimate time-traveling experience inside a single space. It is also by harmoniously balancing the ideals of masculine and feminine or classic and contemporary that this article is able to bring you mid-century design ideas for intimate and cozy ambiances that express elegance and luxury. You can expect nothing but the glamour that defined Hollywood life between the 1940s and the 1960s. Stay tuned!


luxury furniture

Pullcast is one of those brands that really can do more with less. In a world where everything is a copy of another copy, brave are the ones who take the next step. Never underestimate the power of details.


modern dark kitchen

Considered as one of the most iconic film directors in the Hollywood industry, Thomas Leo McCarey was the inspiration for the McCarey Bar Chair design featuring a fun and creative sense of style, like Thomas, the unique bar chair piece is upholstered in a smooth velvet fabric that is combined with some bright brass details in its structure.


modern white kitchen

The minimalist style piece that completes the Marcus family is a clear example that less is more. Customizable, the Marcus Pendant Lamp will give you the effect of a well-lit home with delicate aftermath.


mid-century bar design

Looking for that glamorous luxury atmosphere? Inspired by the feminine glow cast by one of the greatest jazz singers of all time, the Etta Suspension Lamp was created. It is a sophisticated and very functional chandelier lighting design suited for the most luxurious settings you can think of.


orange kitchen design

This is how you give lighting some kind of musical attitude. The Botti Pendant Lamp is a slightly smaller version of the modern chandelier with 15 trumpet-shaped shapes that stretch out from the center, creating a perfect sphere. It is handmade in brass, covered in a gold-plated finish.


unque dining room design

Mid-century is alive and kicking. Here, the Coltrane Suspension Lamp is everything you need to give that bold touch to any lounge area. With a minimalist and industrial feel to it, there’s no way you can go wrong with Coltrane.


mid-century white bedroom

The Minnelli Bed is, no doubt, a truly inspiring design for retro lovers who crave lavish yet clear-headed design. Sweet dreams are made of this!


simple modern entryway

The Brando Sideboard focuses on clean, simple lines, minimalism and functionality, without sacrificing beauty. A simple body of solid wood containing six large drawers that is sure to satisfy your room’s storage needs.


unique kitchen interior design

Gable Bar Chair, fully upholstered in cotton velvet, features a super stylish design with an accent low back and a cylindrical shape. Perfect for residential or hospitality projects.


grey and warm toned interior design

The Robusta Center Table has both a soft yet eye-catching presence. With an uneven shape, it takes inspiration from the disformity of the sub-Saharian plains where the famous Coffea Robusta is grown.


white mid-century armchair

The perfect reading corner for your mid-century modern office with Essential Home.


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