Kelli Richards Designs: A delicate luxurious design approach

Kelli Richards Designs: A delicate luxurious design approach

Kelli Richards Designs: A delicate luxurious design approachKelli Richards Designs is one of the best interior design firms you can find in Montreal, Canada. Know more about the interior design studio and get inspired!

Kelli Richards Designs is one of the best design studios in Canada. Based in Montreal, Canada, lead by Kelli Richards, the firm was founded in 2014 after the interior designer graduate from College Interdec’s Interior Design program.

Kelli Richards Designs: A delicate luxurious approachSince that time, Kelli has worked on numerous projects with a focus on the luxury residential market. Working in the fashion industry as a model for over a decade, the interior designer has been immersed in various cultures which have no doubt influenced not only her personal design style but also her philosophy and outlook on life.

Kelli Richards Designs team always tries to marry the interior architecture and furnishings together to create a cohesive space. also, when they make every space both functional and beautiful, since, for them, an interior environment is an art form. Also, their focus is to create extraordinary and meaningful spaces for the clients.

Kelli Richards Designs: A delicate luxurious approachDuring their initial full-scale design projects, the Kelli Richards Designs team became dissatisfied with what the local market had to offer for high-quality, well-designed product options.

Since they are always looking to offer to their clients something more, Kelli Richards Designs has developed relationships with some of the world’s most unique and sought-after manufacturers, furniture, and architectural brands as well as local and international artists and artisans.

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Because of that, in 2009, they founded, an online boutique where you can find a curated selection of some of their favorite brands and pieces with delivery across Canada.

The passion for creating unique spaces ensures that no two projects are the same and every client experiences a curated and inspired design unique to them.

Kelli Richards Designs: A delicate luxurious design approach

For Kelli, good design is a process that requires careful consideration so that no detail is left out. From designing the perfect layout to selecting the optimal material for how space will be used and who will use it, every element of the finished product has been thoroughly thought through and obsessed over before ever presenting it to a client.

Working with Kelli and her team means that you can sit back, relax and know that every detail of your project is being taken care of by a team of experienced professionals.

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