Kristina Zanic: Luxurious Design Projects in Dubai

Kristina Zanic: Luxurious Design Projects in Dubai


Although she was born in Australia, Kristina Zanic has become an interior design superstar throughout Asia and the Middle East. Her creations are heavily inspired by her travels and experiences, multicultural blends of beauty and functionality. Ready to get inspired? Let’s take you through some of Kristina Zanic’s most amazing designs.


Al Mahara Restaurant


While the deep blue aquarium is definitely the centerpiece of this incredible restaurant, there are plenty of other details you can’t miss. The carpet is reminiscent of the ocean. In fact, the little orange touches in the carpets and armchairs remind you of crabs and corals. And did you notice the shell-inspired dining chair designs? Just an amazing deep ocean marvel designed by Kristina Zanic



But the gold touches truly enhance the design. From the giant gold leaf shell in the entryway piece to the golden chairs and gorgeous lighting in this private dining room, everything about this interior exudes luxury and beauty.


The Ritz Carlton Al Wadi Desert Resort


However, in the project for the Ritz Carlton Al Wadi Desert Resort, Kristina Zanic went in an entirely different direction. Indeed, one can easily see the influences of its desert setting in this project’s interior. The chandelier design is definitely a beautiful Middle Eastern inspiration, and there are plenty of local touches to the patterns and decor. Yet, there are some beautiful mid-century elements in the chairs, though the use of leather is both a mid-century and local influence.



Then we have the outdoor lounge, which goes a lot further with the middle eastern influences. Indeed, this sort of open patio in the middle of a home is a big staple of Arab homes. The gorgeous tree and the beautiful pillow designs give a beautiful breath of life to this exotic design.


Finally, we have this amazing bathroom and dressing room combination. From the gorgeous engraved pouf to the beautiful porcelain bathtub, everything here is meant to evoke beauty and comfort. The leather elements make an appearance once again, adding a dash of middle eastern tradition to a luxury contemporary project.


The Ritz Carlton Al Hamra Beach Resort


However, Kristina Zanic’s studio collaborated with the Ritz once more. The Ritz Carlton Al Hamra Beach Resort still capitalizes on the best that middle eastern decor has to offer, but it makes the most of its beach setting and adds a bit of an eclectic touch. Indeed, just look at the airy color scheme and creative chair patterns.



Indeed, the beautiful bedroom decor is a great example of what the project is going for. The canopy bed design and the white color evoke the beach setting, but the ebony wood nightstands and lamp designs definitely call back to something more traditional, even mid-century.



So, we’ll send you off with this gorgeous design of a beach tent interior. With the blue details, dark wood, and amazing white curtains, this is the perfect example of the luxury Kristina Zanic can infuse in even the simplest design.


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