Luxury Hotel Lobby by Stuart CG Studio

Luxury Hotel Lobby by Stuart CG Studio

Luxury Hotel Lobby by Stuart CG Studio

Wrapped in a combination of archaic and contemporary styles, this hotel lobby is defined by the elegance and subtlety of pieces and details that surround it, in which comfort, functionality, and naturalness are the dominant features. Any major capital in the world would like to be able to enjoy a calm, relaxing, and invigorating space like the one presented here. Covet House once again overcomes all barriers of creativity and imagination, ensuring, in addition to home interiors, the grandeur of hospitality design in all its splendor, with the essential contribution of Stuart CG Studio.

Luxury Hotel Lobby by Stuart CG Studio

In the first place, immerse yourself in the freshness and tranquility that only the seats in the new Cassia Modular Sofa, by Caffe Latte Home, are able to offer. Simple, sober, and cozy, it is undoubtedly an asset in any environment, whether modern or more classic. On both sides of the sofa, comfort continues, this time with Ocadia Armchair, from Luxxu, with the right touch of sophistication, which fits perfectly into the environment.


Cassia Modular Sofa by Caffe Latte Home

Cassia Sofa is the perfect addition to your modern living room. With a hue of brown inspired in the Cassia cinnamon, this ultra-comfortable sofa contains an upholstered back and seating, with symmetric shapes for a chic look. A rearrangeable sofa, that’s both chic and cozy.

Ocadia Armchair by Luxxu

Ocadia Armchair has a brass frame that supports the arched backrest, designed to provide comfort. High durability, comfort and style define the Ocadia Armchair, a velvet armchair that provides just the right amount of luxury. Inspired by turtles’ shells the Ocadia is a luxurious way to sit back. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, lounges or office spaces.

In addition to the Luray Side Table, by Brabbu, a dynamic and modern complement, with brushed brass matte and glossy palisander veneer finishes. The walls behind, in ecru and sepia tones, are literally the mirror of this lobby and mark the limits of opulence and aesthetic rigor, to which the versatile Shield Oval Mirror, from Maison Valentina, clearly contributes. Between both seating areas, there’s nothing better than a unique combination between stool and coffee table, through Embrace Cocktail Table, an exclusive Koket piece, which can either serve as a cocktail or simple décor table, elegantly supported by a cozy ottoman, just like a furball that you don’t feel like letting go.


Luray Side Table by Brabbu


The Luray Caverns in Shenandoah Valley are well-known for their unique beauty and the delicate Luray Side Table is a tribute to its stalactites. Featuring a structure in aged brass and tabletops in glossy palisander veneer and bronze glass, this modern side table is sure to impress.

Shield Oval Mirror by Maison Valentina


Shield Oval Mirror is a round mirror made entirely from mirror, polished brass and a Nero Marquina marble bar. Inspired in the most ancient and valuable armor, the Shield of Achilles, we re-designed the Shield Mirror, meaning protection and security. Decorative yet practical, you will have a divine mirror just for you.

As a final adjustment, all over the place, can be found several light trails, which illuminate and give even more life to the space, an aspect guaranteed by Aurum Wall Lamp, also by Brabbu.


Aurum Wall Lamp by Brabbu

Aurum Wall Lamp will bring comfort in the darkest nights with its warm yet sensitive light. This brass sconce is sure to impress, with a unique design. Aurum is the Latin word for gold. This imposing metal is also named a contemporary lighting piece made of matte hammered brass.

Embrace Cocktail Table by Koket

Embrace Cocktail Table, by Koket, is a high gloss black lacquered limbs clasp a Sahara Noir marble top and a seamed round upholstered ottoman with a polished brass base to compose the intriguing Embrace Cocktail Table Ottoman combo.

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