Supreme Details: The Finest Luxury Stools To Complement Your Project
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Supreme Details: The Finest Luxury Stools To Complement Your Project

Supreme Details: The Finest Luxury Stools To Complement Your Project

Small elements make big things happen – that’s why luxury is in each detail. Luxury stools are the perfect piece to compliment your interior design by adding color, texture, stylishness, attitude and an overall feeling of superior aesthetic. From mid-century to contemporary, the brand-new luxury stools on this list are the ultimate detail you need.

Atomic Wood

Atomic Wood Stool has its name by itself defines this collection of tables and stools looks like being made by different atomics hanging together without any sense, but at the same time making a beautiful and unique form through its volume, shapes and material contrasts.


Sarsen Stool is the smaller item in the Sarsen family set, this stool is quite subtle but very distinctive in its contemporary design. Using textiles with colors that resemble stones and a clean and streamlined design for a modern and minimalistic appeal, a superb textured single tone boucle upholstery, is characterized by its detailed stitching. Gathering inspiration from the Sarsen stones used in the historical Stonehenge, the sublime touch of a granite stone, was used for a unique and luxurious touch at this Sarsen Stool.


A neutral element for any sophisticated interior with a powerful presence. The Algerone Stool is a high-end upholstery solution made with polished brass, gray leather, and glossy Eucalipto Frise Veneer. The collection’s architectural influences are embodied in its design, giving it a remarkable aesthetic while also offering the utmost comfort.


Shaped as a pentagon, which is the symbol of human microcosm, perfection and individuality, this leather stool combines polished stainless steel and black glossy lacquer to make a statement in virtually any room design.

Empire Bench




Following identical shapes of refinement and style just like its counterparts, the Empire Bench is a combination between classic and modern design. Its base is crafted in brass and bronze details supporting an upholstered central piece that acquires a softer touch finished in Nata leather.

Algerone Ottoman


Algerone Ottoman features leather upholstery and brass legs. With its contrasting shapes, this geometrical ottoman is perfect for luxurious interiors. The outcome is an elegant and versatile piece fit for bedrooms, living rooms or opulent hotels.

Fractal Logo Bench

This polished stainless steel and leather bench remains true to the collection’s original geometric concept and is, at the same time, an elegant support piece for residential or store interiors.

Charla Ottoman



The Charla Collection takes the form of a leather ottoman to complete any bedroom, living room, or hotel decor. A high-end design made with the best materials such as polished brass, black lacquer, black leather, and grey synthetic leather. Timeless with a modern twist, the Charla Ottoman embraces the boundless elegance of its iconic collection.




Just like the fashionable armchair design, the Nepentha Stool by Draga and Aurel is designed to be modern, glamorous, and comfortable. A truly unique piece that all designers will crave for their next project. Its wire structure is complemented with a soft upholstery detail that provides comfort and design excellency all at once. The Nepentha Stool’s luxurious mid-century vibe makes it a unique piece to place in any interior space.

Supreme Details: The Finest Luxury Stools To Complement Your Project


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