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A Contemporary and Luxurious Interior

A Bold Project by Celia Sawyer

If there’s an example of powerful and successful businesswoman today, Celia Sawyer is definitely at the top. Creating and designing beautiful and luxurious designs, Celia designs and with the best of the best, and this time the choice was Covet House and all the brands under its name like.

All brands can give the look and inspiration necessary to create a bold, strong and empowered project. As you can see, here we have a living room with the grandiose Empire Chandelier, Crackle side tables, and the exuberant Darian Gold Mirror from Luxxu. The idea was to create an eye-catching ambiance thanks to refined lines, elegant shapes and the finest materials used on the pieces. we can definitely say that Celia transformed this living room into a stunning scenario, creating a dramatic statement.

We can definitely affirm that these choices were perfect for the project, and the result couldn’t be better! The ultimate expensive and sleek look.