A Neoclassic Haussmanian Interior By Benny Benlolo

Entryway Dream Of A Parisian

Benny Benlolo was inspired by the Parisian monuments when he was 12 years old, reproducing the style by every detail. This Neoclassic Haussmanian Interior is one of the many examples of his source of inspiration. This entryway is characterized by some pop of colors, contrasting with the same colored toned furniture.

Benny Benlolo chooses a statement chair to captive the attention of the entryway, and there’s nothing better than the Drapesse Armchair, by Koket, that it has a lot of character, to steal the attention of the room. Contrasting with such an iconic furniture piece is the Huang Sideboard, by Brabbu, this wood sideboard brings instant character to the neoclassic interior design.