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Bedroom in stunning neutral tones, a project in neutral tones with golden details that give this project an especially luxurious atmosphere.

We can observe several of our pieces, such as Pendants, or Chandelier, which give the space all the luxurious atmosphere present, due to its stunning crystals and the finishes in Gold Polished Brass.

A Bedroom project by T.H.I. INTERIORS, they for any given project, residential or commercial, translate the design brief with a deep understanding of emotional and psychological desires. “We differentiate our work by doing our best to get into a clients’ mind to understand the interior ‘feel’ they are seeking right from the start. ”
Some of the projects that the company has delivered features a mélange of materials used creatively by bringing in elements from the exterior architecture to be used in the interior. Wood and marble cladding, gold trimming, rich color combinations that are set against a muted classic palette of shades, exquisite wallpaper and sensual lighting that accentuate design features are all given special attention to achieve that signature touche de luxe, in this Bedroom all the essence of this Atelier of Architecture and Design is well marked, making this space an absentee cozy, comfortable and with a sense of luxury, for all lovers of Luxury Lifestyle here is a Bedroom Contemporary in neutral tones, with contemporary pieces, with an elite design.

The entire surroundings of this space are perfectly in tune, from the wall covering, the floor, even the ceiling and mirrors that cover the walls.
The use of gold brings to this Bedroom project an extravagant language of  luxury, maintaining the lightness of neutral tones, a perfect Bedroom for all lovers of Modern Classic interiors!

A fascinating Bedroom that involves us in all the choices made and makes us lovers of neutral tones, calmer with high quality notes.