Cecconi Simone Inc.: Designs With Philosophy

An Award-Winning Interior Project

Cecconi Simone Inc., established in 1982, is a renowned interior design studio that is based in Toronto, Canada. It is owned and operated by two people: Elaine Cecconi and Anna Simone, that have met with continued success, creating award-winning interiors for the retail, corporate, hotel-hospitality and residential sectors.

The studio’s main philosophy is “whole design” which means that a cross-pollination of design experience leads to a deeper understanding of how people live their lives and the design needs that arise from those lifestyles.

We can add a bit of our own style to this amazing luxurious project by using: the Tenor ottoman by Luxxu, with a smooth and elegant shape, made with grey velvet and with polished brass legs, a well as the Anastasia dining chair by Koket that is fully upholstered with the modern allure created by the luxurious curves and bold lines.