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We live in a material world, where old values are rapidly disappearing. We fill our homes with mass production furniture, furniture that has no personality or uniqueness. We have the same furniture as millions of other houses in the world. If we are not all the same, if we are different and unique, why should our houses be exactly the same? Why should we have a house and not a home? We have to be fierce and resilient while working in a concrete jungle, where the laws of nature, of “eat or be eaten” apply. When we want to relax, we seek the outdoors, we seek nature and we seek our roots and the places where we were happy. With this in mind, BRABBU was born. BRABBU is nature’s child, we remember our wildness, and thus we reinvent all the forces of nature through design by using nature’s materials, textures, scents, flavours and colours, hence providing our clients with a real jungle experience inside a concrete jungle. This helps us provide a home, a place to relax, to remember the odour of fresh-cut grass, the sea, that peculiar and very particular odour of mornings in Spring. BRABBU designs and produces handcrafted unique products with strong dedication and fierceness.