Kara Mann: Unique Rewarding Designs

A Living Room That Breaks Rules With Style

Kara Mann, an award-winning interior designer based in Chicago, has established her own office in 2005, later expanding to New York City and Los Angeles. Having started in the art, architecture and fashion fields, Mann quickly learned that rules or trends mean little when she can create something that shapes her clients’ personality, which is way more rewarding for both sides.

Being described by The Wall Street Journal as a “sparkplug in the world of design”, she is proud of creating elegant and sophisticated designs with her source being unexpected inspiration design, which opens ways to crafting modern or traditional interiors seamlessly.

Here we have an example of one of her wonderful works, and we picked up some of our products to help you achieve a look like this one! We have the Iguazu armchair by Brabbu, a high-back lounge chair, upholstered in cotton velvet. The Novak sofa by Essential Home that combines some details from mid-century style with a contemporary design vision, is also a great choice!