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Living Room with the essence of the Orient noted in the small details, it becomes a luxurious project with a lot of charm and balance between gold and neutral, light tones.

Most of the time the use of gold makes the ambiences very heavy, in this case we can see how the neutral tones help the environment to breathe and give a refined touch and not a “too much” air.

The sofa, is the soul of this project, gives the balance between gold and neutral in the Living Room, the Soleil Sofa is a synthesis of styles and senses. Inspired by the spirit and mission of the famous Cirque de Soleil, the purpose is to invoke, provoke and evoke. Soft, sultry curves gently embrace the sitter in this elegant vintage and contemporary style sofa. Except for the supreme levels of comfort, the sofa through the brass details perfectly complements the elegant lines of a timeless piece, on the sofa we can observe an iponent piece, the Angra Mirror, which offers a tribute to the historical city of “Angra do Heroismo ”In Azores, Portugal. The seductive and elegant mirror, its outstanding in its shape and curved design. The polished brass create a superb accent providing a glamorous design, presents itself as a piece of art, a piece of unique design, which gives charisma to this Living Room.

A Metamorphosis Center Table, similar to the dramatic transformation and the sudden change in the animal’s body structure, Metamorphosis Center Table experiences new unexpected design techniques, noble finishes through a meticulous artistic process. The center table is composed of two fragments, finished in mirror and noble marble and beautified by the presence of golden creatures that are prepared for their ultimate metamorphosis, a piece with contemporary design and luxury finishes brings this Living Room a sense of design exclusive only!

To complement the space we have the Stonehenge Side Tables, which find inspiration in the prehistoric monument Stonehenge, positioned asymmetrically and composed of a striking variety of finishes and materials – brass and marble. This piece promises to elevate your living space to the next level. The metallic hues make an elegant contrast while beautifully combine and pay tribute to the Neolithic and Bronze Age.

To mark this Living Room we have the Redleh Rug, with a bold graphic design and a creation without limits.

A true reference of space composition, the perfect balance makes this Living Room a stunning project!


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