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Neutral Tones To Enlight Your Decor

When Gold is Combined With Some Nature Inspiration

If your aim is to feel a contemporary design vibe as you walk through the door, then these entryway ambiances are for you.

As you can see, exquisite golden tones and soulful console tables set the mood here and what follows is an unforgettable luxurious atmosphere. The Ardara console table pays homage to ancient times, the Neolithic period, when art was a manifestation from beyond. With a finish in gold leaf and a gloss varnish, this modern console table is a visual statement.

Next, we have the Burlesque console table that is powerful and subtle in equal doses. The acrobatic loops and spins of the base, paired with black exotic skins and a black crystal on each one of the 4 drawers, exude the mysterious traits of a feisty diva.

Interior design is about a lot of things and the best part is that you can go against normal conventions and break standard boundaries with nothing but your desire. More than that, it is an emotional experience – products stop being products to become pleasures instead. Dare yourself.


Boca do Lobo