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Pepper Stem Or How To Revamp Your Interiors

A Bold Tone For A Bold Interior Design

Pepper Stem is close to a moss or terrarium green, but a bit warmer. With a subdued and natural shade, it irradiates life and incandescent with the sense of a new turn or new beginnings. A fresh and lovable color, it was an effortless use in every runway this year.

This tone showed up on jackets at Acne Studios, as well on monochromatic outfits at Dries Van Noten, but also in an unbelievable form in Michael Kors casual look.

Very casual with a retro and almost simple design is also a Diana floor lamp from Delightfull. The industrial size lamp built of steel with a nickel-plated finish, in various colors, but this shade of green is sure to make everyone jealous. Still in the mid-century world, the Q lamp from the Graphic Collection is sure to give green light to this trend. This marquee letter light will be the quizzical element in every interior or exterior decor, shining light on this beautiful and subtle shade of green. On the opposite side of the spectrum, corresponding to a more structured and not so casual look, like imposing dresses and jackets on the runways this year, is the Divine armoire from Koket. Still in a mossier hue of the green, the peacock feathers still shine brighter in colorful tones of green. Imposing but desirable, this armoire is just divine.