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Restaurant With A Cozy Color Palette

Restaurant In a Neoclassical Style

Restaurant project marked by its elegance and timelessness!

This beautiful dining room is a project by the incredible French architect and interior designer Joseph Dirand. Born and raised in Paris, Joseph graduated from the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture back in 1999, the same year that he started his own agency. Since then, he’s been one of the best in the field! With his minimalistic and often monochromatic style, Joseph creates beautiful and elegant projects that will make you fall in love with the interior design even more.

Harmony is one of the many adjectives that describe Dirand’s projects. He enjoys mixing different genres and styles and creating something unique, making him a visionary!

In this particular restaurant project, the Le Flandrin Restaurant in Paris, France, you can see the perfect representation of the neoclassical style. The color palette used really makes the room so cozy and elegant. Joseph used only three colors: black, white, and gold, that combined, makes any room timeless!

To complement this extraordinary design, we suggest our Collins Dining Chair by Essential Home which is designed with a classic retro chic feel and comes finely upholstered in velvet, supported by tapered glossy black legs with rich accents of polished brass. The Baughman Bar Cart has a stunning design and a structure in polished brass and walnut wood, with a glass top and practical wheels and the West Rug, by Rug’Society, inspired by photographs of Architecture Conjugation of light/shadow games and perspectives with reliefs Colors in shades of brown with reference to the furniture, great part in wood, produced in Century Mid Century are also great additions to this project.

From Paris to you, an exquisite restaurant project to add to your inspiration book!



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