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Everything we create, we believe in redesigning your definition of art.

LUXXU’s Empire is shaping its future by setting trends with timeless pieces and refined elegance. Lighting was the start of a luxury journey stating itself as classic with a modern twist.

Today, a new epoch unveils at LUXXU. Daring designs are symphonies created not only with one key object. Ambiences are an everlasting aesthetic language shared by every element.


Crackle Side Table


Following the same inspirational lines as the Crackler family, this pieces stands itself by the complexity of the manual work […]

Galea Wood Outdoor Dining Chair


Galea Outdoor Dining Chair is a glamorous outdoor dining chair that blends ancient with modern. It draws inspiration from a […]

Liberty Small Pendant


Liberty Small Pendant features sublime lines and a complex and superb combination of crystal glass and gold-plated brass, becoming not only […]

Tycho II Small XS Wall Lamp


Tycho II Small XS is highly decorative and elegant, made of high-quality brass rings and crystal glass tubes. A Daring […]

Tycho II Small Wall Lamp


Tycho II Small Wall Lamp creates a luxury environment that conveys intimate lighting, inspired by the reflection on the water […]

Tycho II Wall Lamp


Tycho II Wall Lamp was inspired by the water reflection of the most unusual planetarium in the world was shaped into a […]

Empire Small Pendant Lamp


Empire Small Pendant Lamp is crafted in high-quality brass and crystal glass, with an understated design that can match any space, […]

Empire II Small Pendant Lamp


Empire II Small Pendant Lamp is a true work of art you will want to add to your collection. Created with […]

Empire Small Wall Lamp


Empire Small Wall Lamp rovides intimate lighting with a lavish design, with delicate layers of gold-plated brass and crystal glass […]

Empire II Small Wall Lamp


Empire II Small Wall Lamp carries its predecessor’s ornate design in a more petite form, suitable for intimate spaces where lighting […]

Hampton Outdoor Wood Screen


Hampton Outdoor Screen is made with Natural Teak, weaved with traditional Indonesian Techniques, Stainless Steel & Synthetic Fiber. This Design […]

Hampton Outdoor Wood Two Seat Sofa


Hampton Outdoor Two Seat Sofa represents the lifestyle of the elite, designed exquisitely with class and style, but with strong […]