A 360 Ultimate Luxury Virtual Experience: The Drawing Room
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A 360 Ultimate Luxury Virtual Experience: The Drawing Room

A 360 Ultimate Luxury Virtual Experience: The Drawing Room

Welcome to the drawing room of our 3-level curated showroom! Don’t be shy and stay comfortably for one more breathless minute, be entertained and astonished by all the prime attractions. In a sober aesthetic, mixing supplemental neutrality for another living room set, this key area incorporates an identical number of luxurious pieces. It stands out for the considerable comfort and soothing aura it emanates. A riveting and inviting design, with a more modern contemporary feel.

A 360 Ultimate Luxury Virtual Experience: The Drawing Room


Metamorphosis Center Table

Metamorphosis Center Table represents the dramatic transformation and the sudden change in the animal’s body structure. Metamorphosis Center Table experiences new unexpected design techniques and noble finishes through a meticulous artistic process. The center table is composed of two fragments, finished in mirror and noble marble and beautified by the presence of golden creatures that are prepared for their ultimate metamorphosis.

Begonia Armchair



Begonia is a beautiful flower from tropical countries. Inspired by its warm energies and the bold shape of its petals, our designers conceived the Begonia Armchair. Its charming curves and soft cotton velvet upholstery make this the perfect curved back armchair for an elegant modern interior design.

Luray Side Table

Luray Side Table is inspired by the Luray Caverns in Shenandoah Valley, which are well-known for their unique beauty. The delicate Luray Side Table is a tribute to the stalactites. Featuring a structure in aged brass and tabletops in glossy palisander veneer and bronze glass, this modern side table is sure to impress.

Galliano Snooker Suspension Lamp



Galliano Snooker Suspension Lamp has a shape inspired by the pipe of an organ, and it will be the perfect acquisition for your cocktail evenings! It has a geometric design of combined pipe tubes, and when you think you saw it all, turn the lights on! Handmade in steel, the features include a nickel-plated finish applied by some of the best artisans in Portugal. Ideal to use as a minimalistic modern dining or living room lighting fixture or you can even place it in the lobby of a hotel.

Arabica Screen



Arabica Screen is a striking piece of furniture that can really enhance the mood in any space. A visually attracting aesthetic meets a functional purpose with Arabica, made from bronze mirror and Emperador marble with a dark polished finish. The perfect choice for hospitality settings and residential interiors.

Sugar Modular Sofa

Sugar Modular Sofa, the name says it all. A subtle modular sofa that resembles the sugar cubes used in your too-sweet coffee or tea. With an incredibly comfortable shape both in the upholstery and back, this is the right amount of flavor for your living room or foyer. With immense versatility, this neutral piece just hits the sweet spot.


A 360 Ultimate Luxury Virtual Experience: The Main Entrance


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