Capsule Collection: Contemporary Modern

Capsule Collection: Contemporary Modern

Capsule Collection: Contemporary Modern

The Contemporary style is ever-changing. What was contemporary 10 years ago, is not contemporary nowadays. It ends up being more of a trend than a style, as the contemporary focuses a lot on new materials and on what is fashionable at the moment, while not overpowering a space with its presence. The Contemporary Capsule is in itself a mix of styles both in terms of line, shape and form, and neutral palettes with bold, pure pops of color.

Capsule Collection: Contemporary Modern


Ardara Console Table

Ardara Console Table, with a finish in gold leaf with a gloss varnish, this modern console table will give a unique twist to any interior design. Dolmens are ancient stone monuments from the Neolithic period. These unique structures were the inspiration behind Ardara Console Table.

Essex Armchair

This barrel chair is upholstered in velvet and has a base in aged brass matte that adds charisma to any ambiance. Velvet chairs are a must in any modern home decor so Essex, besides being versatile, is also a symbol of sophistication and elegance. We love it.

Naicca Suspension Lamp

The allure of Mexico’s Giant Crystal Cave was the inspiration for Naicca Suspension Lamp, a round chandelier that represents the legend of crystal origins. The aged brushed brass structure and the Quartz crystal diffuser merge together to brighten any home decor, filling the room with a strong yet peaceful atmosphere.

Sequoia Center Table

Sequoia Center Table is one of the largest and tallest trees in the world that grows in California. Just like it, Sequoia is a force of Nature. The distinct walnut root veneer top shows the passage of years and the base in brass with aged patina adds a refined touch. This coffee table proves the beauty of the action of time.

Niku Floor Lamp

Part of the Kiribati Islands group, Nikumaroro is known for its incredible coral atoll. It is the beauty of its corals that make the Niku Floor Lamp a rarity in contemporary lighting. Featuring a structure in gold plated brass, shaders in gold plated brass and glass, and a base in black marble, this floor lamp will fill any home decor with exoticism.

Oreas Sofa

According to Greek mythology, Oreas is the god of the mountains – the Oreas Sofa honors these natural monuments and their different shapes and tones. This channel-tufted sofa is fully upholstered in soft cotton velvet, making it the perfect addition to any living room set. So soothing!


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