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Covet Douro: Where Luxury is in Each Detail

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Starting a tour through the Covet House Douro, this wonderful space was designed to be a “new experience for design lovers”, the Covet House is a place specially conceived for professionals of the interior design world. This can be overwhelming and can develop new senses in you.

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Located on the Douro River bank, only 15 minutes apart from Porto’s historical center, Covet House is an ancient three-floor waterfront mansion in Oporto, filled with remarkable architectural details that hold the glory from a noble past and traditions of Portugal. In this timeless scenario, this is a unique showroom and each room is decorated with the most prestigious design brands. This is a magical escape for exclusive clients and partners to be inspired, or it can be just a destination to relax over a weekend and allow yourself to be overwhelmed with this innovative experience.

Covet House Douro - Where Luxury is in Each Detail  Covet Douro: Where Luxury is in Each Detail Sem Ti  tulo 1960x680

As you enter, you soon realize that it’s not a common home, it has splendid mixtures of styles like vintage with modern, soft with strong. This combined all together, provides you an array of feelings, like living in the present with a glimpse of the past and at the same time feeling that softness of the feminine with the strength of the masculine. There’s nothing ordinary here, it’s like feeling a soft breeze in a summer night, it gives you chills but also the warm feeling of being at home.

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Living and dining rooms are common areas but they’re very different from each other, it’s possible to see a charming fireplace with a big and luxurious chandelier and two beautiful and velvety sofas and several charming corners filled with details and charming pieces.

In the dining room, Empire dining table catches our eye accompanied by the Nº 11 chairs all powered by Boca do Lobo, making the perfect combination for your dining time. It feels homey but luxurious and artistic at the same time with many gold pieces, to make the decor somewhat precious, like a gem, and to add a touch of femininity—like a spark.

Covet House Douro: Where Luxury is in Each Detail  Covet Douro: Where Luxury is in Each Detail Celebrating Covet House Anniversary With Its Best Luxury Interiors 9

This experience makes you feel at home, but at the same time is luxurious and artistic with several gold pieces that make the decoration something precious, like a gem, and also adds a touch of femininity like a spark. Gold makes things more exciting and more… luxurious.

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As you walk through, the impact of this experience increases from floor to ceiling windows where the sun gets through providing a sunny atmosphere to these marvelous divisions. Ceilings are soaring and ornamented with superb proportions in order to create an artfully with the entire appointments of the house. On the first floor there is a large and light kitchen where you can prepare incredible banquets and really enjoy this beautiful place without leaving just to eat out. Take the stairs and check our four bedrooms, each one has a specific theme and they are furnished with one brand in mind.

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Each bedroom has a different concept, a different sensation. Thinking about new, fresh and bold, Boca do Lobo designed the concept of the master suite and brought out a whole new concept to this experience. This suite divides itself in three different spaces, a bedroom, a dressing room and a living room where black, white and gold are the colors that stand out in the different pieces matching up together and bringing a luxury and seductive ambiance into this suite and mainly to the master bedroom.

Covet House Douro: Where Luxury is in Each Detail  Covet Douro: Where Luxury is in Each Detail covetclub8

The dressing room features an amazing mirror called Marie Antoinette that represents an attitude and the characteristics of a critical “époque” that shaped French history mixed with a York white console that brings an elegant touch to any décor space. The living room, mixes three of the most prestigious brands in the design world: Boca do Lobo, Essential Home and DelightFULL, this three brands complement each other and create the perfect ambiance. All pieces are handmade and glorify the craftsmanship.

With a perfect retro universe, Essential Home Suite, in partnership with DelightFULL, created another bedroom full of sleek lines presenting the Essential Home’s best seller: Monocles sideboard that combined with the classic Hudson armchair makes the perfect match for a mid-century bedroom. Along with the marvelous furniture, this bedroom also presents perfect lighting pieces, Jackson and Ike floor lamps.

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Every room tells you a story, and this one makes you travel through the world of music and cinema as you enter in it. And as said before, there’s a story behind everything, so getting inside of BRABBU’s suite you can tell that the story has Nature as its main character and its written by the materials, textures, and colors of some of the most interesting places around the world and it’s possible to feel it, just for the very first moment we look at SEQUOIA side table, that is a force of nature, an ancient spirit belonging to the largest and tallest trees around the world. To create a live and bright ambiance in the suite, BRABBU traveled to Kiribati islands surrounded by the depths of the Pacific Ocean. It’s the beauty of the coral that makes NIKU floor lamp a rarity in contemporary lighting. This desire to keep discovering cultures led our designers to Myanmar in Asia to create the KAYAN mirror the compliment for creating an exotic touch in this modern suite.

The luxury design brand Koket, known for their empowering and dramatic statement pieces, conceived two luxury rooms so guests can feel Koket’s opulent lifestyle. The KOKET’s bedroom suite is designed as the perfect bedroom set. The airy space features the Forbidden II bed, covered in an indulgent laser rabbit throw, skirted by two Art Deco Tamara nightstands. The nightstands are topped with two pink Gem table lamps for an ambient glow, and an Eternity sculpture hangs nearby shimmering in the soft light. At the end of the bedsit two black and gold Tresor stools, completing this gorgeous bedroom set.

Covet House Douro - Where Luxury is in Each Detail  Covet Douro: Where Luxury is in Each Detail covet house douro 7

Across the little corridor, a private living room comes alive in shades of black and gold in glamorous present-day luxe. In the basement bathroom, Maison Valentina introduces a new and lavishness approach of what the best luxury in this space can offer by combining exuberant design pieces within a marble’s ambiance. Refined, expensive and royal material, the atmosphere offers the best and most exquisite material for the bathroom design combining the metropolitan washbasin and the diamond towel. “Our mission is to give a unique experience to visitors.

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More than a common showroom, we want our exclusive guests – which consist of a VIP list including the world’s top designers – not only to see our products live but also to enter the unique world of each one of those brands and experience them through all the five senses. What we really want is to celebrate Design” – Ricardo Magalhães, COVET Lounge’s Co-Founder and Head of Interior Design The Covet House represents part of Portugal’s culture and history and a perfect match with the country’s strongest design group with a 10-year legacy. It’s an anthem to the upcoming future and a tribute to those who helped along the journey. Ultimately, it is a place to celebrate design with friends. And, in order to do that, Covet House Douro Presents you: The Covet Lounge Private Club, discreetly tucked at the edge of Porto City, this club is a premier private venue specially conceived for Design lovers. Born in the beginning of 2018, this is a concept idealized by a renowned American Design Company. A playful and chic place where special guests spend a pleasant time surrounded by spectacular high-end design creations while relishing a good appetizer and tasting the renowned Portuguese wine.


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