Discover How To Shape A Timeless Style In Your Living Room (Part VII)
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Discover How To Shape A Timeless Style In Your Living Room (Part VII)

Discover How To Shape A Timeless Style In Your Living Room (Part VII)

They say that if you really want to know someone, you should start by their living room. There are so many ways to decorate this ‘personal temple’ and Covet House is here to spark some ideas for your home. Remember – a living room should always strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. Looking for inspiration? Look no further!


Discover How To Shape A Timeless Style In Your Living Room (Part VII)

In an attempt to bring a distinctive contemporary touch to your living room, Soho is a fantastic table you can use as a cocktail table, coffee table or center table. If interior design is the question, then craftsmanship is the answer.


Here’s an armchair we simply can’t wait to sit back and relax. Saboteur Swivel provides the utmost comfort and accessibility with its rotating feature and will perfectly adapt to different ambiances and styles, becoming a focal feature in any space.


Imperfectio proves how powerful exclusive furniture is. This armchair is perfect if you want to add some unexpected glamour to your living room. Luxury is a state of mind, a lifestyle, a way of moving forward.


It is not just about the furniture, it’s about the walls, the sculptures, the lighting, the art, the water, the natural elements that will allow you to experience and appreciate all those different layers of textures and materials. Covet House will always get you on the right path.


Try to add a gold accent to the decor and you’ll surely achieve a desirable look. Gold designs bring out the best of every room set with its shiny, polished figure. The Empire Center Table is the way to go.


Otter is a space-defining sofa like you have never seen before. Its round shapes transmit both comfort and grandiosity, whether it is placed in a modern living room or a comfortable home cinema area.


Rug’Society has the word “art” written all over it and the amazing designs this brand presents us are proof of that. Imagination gets a new meaning with Rug’Society. No boundaries allowed, of course.


Gold has a way of complementing and bringing out the best in every color of the spectrum. The Brubeck Round Suspension Lamp is inspired by the Jazz musician Dave Brubeck and represents the sophistication and finesse of the American jazz pianist, displaying a very luxurious feeling.


The Botti Floor Lamp is how you create atmospheric lighting with a taste of jazz. This mid-century floor lamp is handmade in brass with a gold plated finish that reminds of a real trumpet due to its unique shape. Love it!


We believe something very magical happens when you read a good book and these bookcases are just another reason among many to do so. Mulligan Bookcase is the sleek mid-century modern design piece you need.


Discover How To Shape A Timeless Style In Your Living Room (Part VI)


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