Dream Big: Bedroom Design Ideas You Will Love (Part VII)
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Dream Big: Bedroom Design Ideas You Will Love (Part VII)

Dream Big: Bedroom Design Ideas You Will Love (Part VII)

The bedroom – probably, the most important place when it comes to your home designInteriors are all about you and being one with the space itself, so get ready for exclusive atmospheres, contemporary elements and luxurious details. Yes, sweet dreams are made of this!


modern classic bedroom

We love the vintage black mirror and the contrasting rug here, but the center stage it’s definitely the king-size bed. This beautiful bed is framed with the handmade Lapiaz Headboard.


luxury bedroom nightstand

Spark the inspiration for your new bedroom design with Pullcast. Time to fashion your home with one-of-a-kind decorative hardware designs that go beyond the conventional meaning of functionality.


bedroom rug

To make the space more comfortable and to allow kids to play on the floor, the Whale’s Tale Rug was added. This rug was inspired by kids’ favorite tales about the ocean and about the whales. These amazing animals are known to be history keepers and they symbolize emotional and peaceful strength.


kids bedroom

Circu was built under a dream! The dream is to allow children to live their own fantasies and create a magical world for them to fly under an imagination that has no limit. What are you waiting for?


kids study area

Every little explorer needs a study area where he/she can have their little own creative space and dive into the wonderful mysteries of life. The Little Mermaid Chair is a unique item that highlights the decor of the projects and matches perfectly with the sea theme.


kids bed

The relaxing sound of the waves can calm a storm. We drift to a different world and get lost in the wonders of nature. That set of mind was the inspiration behind this very special sleeping area with the Tristen Bed.


Circu Magical Furniture takes you to the depth of the ocean where you will find a new level of inspiration you never thought possible. For this very special project, Circu partners up with ByMura, which was responsible for bringing this design treasure to life.


mid-century bedroom

If you like to keep it trendy, geometric patterns and pastel colors represent the ideal choice for mid-century decor. Sophia Bed is both a trip to the past and a romantic design. What’s not to love here?


Dream Big: Bedroom Design Ideas You Will Love (Part VI)


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