Employing Unique Styles And Architecture With YoDezeen
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Employing Unique Styles And Architecture With YoDezeen

Employing Unique Styles And Architecture With YoDezeen

The basic philosophy of YoDezeen is to create individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for customers by lightning-fast development of projects employing unique styles and architecture. Even if you don’t have a ready sketch of what you want, they will help you get the result you dreamed of. Do you want to combine classics and abstract art? Modern and retro? Love everything associated with the 1940s? Want a solid roomy design, but don’t have much room? No problem! For YoDezeen, there are no tasks too tough. Every problem succumbs to their relentless focus!

Bontoni Boutique

Employing Unique Styles And Architecture With YoDezeen

To emphasize the quality of the eminent production and convey the idea that the classics will never lose their relevance in the metropolis, YoDezeen made its best to develop a modern premium boutique in Moscow. The boutique is in the Ritz Carlton, one of the most luxurious hotels in the heart of the capital. When the project first started, the area was a complex space with semicircular walls and a large load-bearing column in the center. As the YoDezeen team of designers and architects began work, their main task was to transform this intimate 30-meter space to match the essence of the exquisite Italian brand.

Follower Restaurant & Bar

Employing Unique Styles And Architecture With YoDezeen

As designers, YoDezeen was faced with two essentials tasks: maximum preservation of the historical past of the building, but at the same time, the creation of a restaurant space where the offline and online presence of visitors is strongly intertwined, a space that leaves no opportunity not to post it on social media. “In the current Internet era business owners are increasingly recognizing the impact of social media on their business. So, the design-for-Insta strategy is becoming essential in such commercial projects as Follower, where we are trying to meet the needs of local businesses and to create the space that perfectly suits generation Y. End goal obviously was in creating a more enticing environment for consumers”, – says Lead Architect Artem Zverev.

State-of-the-art Edition

Employing Unique Styles And Architecture With YoDezeen

“We adhered to the principle: less is more. We created a clean interior, contemporary finishing details, natural materials and custom furniture. This apartment is a gestalt of architectural directions of the entire historic district”,Artem Zverev and Artem Voskoboinyk, the lead project architects, said. The apartment was created for a young man of sophisticated taste, a person with his own understanding of aesthetics, collector enamored with Ukrainian Art. The design concept of the apartment combines nude shades with glass partitions made of graphite glass, natural stone with brass, and custom elements, developed in only one copy. Thus, every element creates a unique understanding of modern living by the YoDezeen team.

HER Apartment

Employing Unique Styles And Architecture With YoDezeen

HER apartment by YoDezeen is truly tempted to be entered, warmed up, and, against all the odds — loved. The complicated place of many talents, deep and otherworldly, full of coziness and tenderness. They did this apartment for her, obviously. YoDezeen tried to repeat her tenderness, her manners, her cautious, but so insistent love of the beautiful. Golden, carbon, milky and marbled grounds are covering the whole space hitting HER home run. Calm pastel and brown shades accurately repeat the addictions of the lyrical persona, and cold and dark lines are showing up with all the might — that’s YoDezeen.

Island Of North

Employing Unique Styles And Architecture With YoDezeen

YoDezeen’s aspirational beauty, cosmic and at the same time laconic concept, gage to their own strict style. This family house is remarkable at least for its tasty minimalism. And then you notice the most beautiful natural finish materials, huge stained-glass artwork that makes the space shine. It’s YoDezeen’s northern light in a row of domestic architecture.

La Renommee

Employing Unique Styles And Architecture With YoDezeen

The team had several main tasks: to organize a spacious living-dining area where all family members can gather for dinner. And also to create a laconic bright interior according to the taste of the parents. At the request of the client, the team made the interior in laconic and noble colors, combining a variety of products from brass and natural wood. The main challenge was to realize all functional areas without neglecting the aesthetics of the interior.


Studio Munge’s Penthouse On The Esplanade


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