Eurohouse Group: A unique vision through expertised eyes
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Eurohouse Group: A unique vision through expertised eyes

Discover How To Create A Memorable Hall Design (Part VIII)

Eurohouse Group is a full-service design firm from Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). With over 12 years of experience, the firm is well-known between the industry locally, and worldwide.

When we think about Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada), Eurohouse Group comes up to our mind. The award-winning builder, luxury interior designer & supplier firm, founded in 2009, has an in-house team of professionals that ensures any undertaking is streamlined and completed to the highest standards.

With unparalleled excellence, design, schedules, budgets, and all processes in between, are carried on by Eurhouse Group’s team of professionals, side by side with its clients. The team is composed of professionals equipped to ensure that all clients’ expectations are heard and understood while bringing their expertise to the table. With this tried & true approach, they can understand the client’s imagination, needs, and transform them into a wonderful reality.

As has been said before, Eurohouse Group has a multidisciplinary team in what concerns architectural or interior design drawings, placing concrete, inspections, landscaping, or installing a new millwork package. The client doesn’t have to worry about anything else, and can be fully occupied dreaming about the first day they will step in into a new, refreshed, and stunning house.  Also, their projects are confidently backed with 2-5-10 Home Warranty and 2-5 Warranty on millwork packages.

Eurohouse Group works together with exceptional partners which opens up a world of fantastic materials and limitless style choices. Also, they’ve been building relationships locally and worldwide through the last 12 years which enables the firm to provide its clients with a product that is truly a class above the rest.


In the end, each client has a one-of-a-kind interior provided by Eurohouse Group. The clients will have access to an array of various styles and designs, and even some European furnishings not yet seen in North America.

If you’re looking to transform your imagination into reality, or perhaps want to create a masterpiece you have not imagined yet, the best solution is to have a full-service firm you can trust, as Eurohouse Group.

Working together with exceptional partners opens up a world of fantastic materials and limitless style choices. Building relationships locally and worldwide ultimately enables Eurohouse Group to provide you with a product that is truly a class above the rest.


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