Here's The Materia Capsule By Covet Collection And Masquespacio
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Here’s The Materia Capsule By Covet Collection And Masquespacio

Here's The Materia Capsule By Covet Collection And Masquespacio

Materia (Matter) is a collection that takes its inspiration from physical science. Materia in this sense is described as a substance that has mass and takes up space with its volume. Everyday objects in this sense are made out of atoms and any particles. Although it seems that the atoms don’t make the same forms as with those everyday objects and can in this sense create forms with unusual and undefined sizes and positions. The collection designed by Masquespacio hereby contains a series of furniture and lighting items created out of forms that look a little bit surreal and outer space.

Wooden Ball Chair Round

The Wooden Ball Chair is a contrasting piece of soft material (fabric) with a harder material (wood). The round form of the ball is a reference to our planet while it breaks with a stone form made of fabric that reminds us of different objects flying around in space and hanging together without any sense.

Marble Table Big

One of nature’s most beautiful matters is without a doubt marble. This set of tables in this sense is an ode to one of the most beautiful materials on earth.

Matter Chair

In all its beauty the Matter Chair is the perfect representation of the collection itself, with its mix of materials, forms and volumes.

Body Chair

Like if it were a body, but in an unreal way and size the Body Chair represents a particular person, maybe it is perfect with its new shapes or maybe it looks a little bit outer space.

Branch Lamp

The Branch Lamp stands out for its particular forms that make us remember the branch of a tree. An unusual form for a lamp design.

Here's The Materia Capsule By Covet Collection And Masquespacio


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