Innovate And Dynamic Projects by Raven & Lack
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Innovate And Dynamic Projects by Raven & Lack

Innovate And Dynamic Projects by Raven & Lack

Having first worked together at an award-winning architectural practice in Australia in 2006, the duo formed an unbreakable friendship that, years later, saw Adriel join Rae in London, where both designers are currently based. The brand Raven & Lack is representative of this unique friendship, their ongoing desire to collaborate and share their creative vision, and worldwide adventures.

With an undeniable love for travel and all things design, they pride themselves on constant innovation, forecasting trends, and delivering the clients the highest level of design with a commercial awareness that is proven to add value within a highly competitive international market.

Innovate And Dynamic Projects by Raven & Lack

More than anything their strength is in their ability to operate as a collective, both within the Raven & Lack team and together with the external consultants, a track record proven by their extensive network of international manufacturers and suppliers. It is this teamwork that creates enigmatic chemistry and promotes innovative, dynamic resolutions which ultimately lead to successful and highly creative design outcomes. Their approach to every project is to provide consistent, highly resolved design solutions and future-proofed design, delivered on time and within any set budget parameters.

Innovate And Dynamic Projects by Raven & Lack


Stola Dining Chair

Innovate And Dynamic Projects by Raven & Lack

Stola Dining Chair received its name from the way Ancient Roman women were dressed. As Roman women’s clothes were a symbol of elegance and strength, this fully upholstered dining chair with draped fabric in the inner back will bring the same elegance and fierceness to your dining room.

Zelda Single Sofa

Zelda Single Sofa truly challenges and redefines the limits of the new modern design perspective.


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