Get Inspired: How To Give A Little Luxury To Your Bathroom (Part II)
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Get Inspired: How To Give A Little Luxury To Your Bathroom (Part II)

Get Inspired: How To Give A Little Luxury To Your Bathroom (Part II)

A bathroom is probably the part of the house that usually doesn’t get that much attention – not anymore. Now picture this – a luxury bathroom will get you halfway to a luxury home design. Looking for incredible bathroom design ideasCovet House has you covered!


The magic is always in the details… and so is luxury. In this amazing bathroom where neutral tones and golden elements collide smoothly, we want to highlight the energetic spark that comes from the Meteor EA1048. Meteor is an exquisite doorknob, and a unique choice of decor complement to enhance your door designs.


Looking for that glamorous luxury atmosphere? Say no more. The Naicca Chandelier, with its aged brushed brass structure and the Quartz crystal diffuser, can fill any bathroom design with a soothing yet luxurious vibe.


Whenever you are decorating either your living room, bedroom or even a bathroom, a mirror is a crucial piece to complete the look and set the overall mood. The Kumi Mirror is a treasure coveted by many due to its natural-like texture. Awesome.


Interior design always wears the colors of the spirit and today we’re making it golden so you can shine harder than anything else. The Eden Freestanding is inspired by the shape of a tree stump. Made of casted aluminum, its built-in sink has a special rough texture surface, reminding the growth rings.


What if you give your bathroom a musical feel? The Symphony Freestanding draws inspiration from music, being wrapped by a polished brass tubular structure that resembles the tubes of an organ. Handcrafted with the finest materials, of course.


Stiletto is a button-tufted bench upholstered in velvet, featuring brass stiletto legs that are inspired by high heels, providing a sharp and sleek look to your bathroom. Any luxury bathroom should have one. You can have yours now!


Modern design is all about an overriding feeling of serenity. This style has a powerful impact since it leads the way to self-expression, by providing room for experimentation and a canvas for playing with space, materials and lines. We just love the Florence Stool!


Get Inspired: How To Give A Little Luxury To Your Bathroom (Part I)


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