Get Inspired: How To Give A Little Luxury To Your Bathroom (Part VI)

Get Inspired: How To Give A Little Luxury To Your Bathroom (Part VI)

Get Inspired: How To Give A Little Luxury To Your Bathroom (Part VI)

bathroom is probably the part of the house that usually doesn’t get that much attention – not anymore. Now picture this – a luxury bathroom will get you halfway to a luxury home design. Looking for incredible bathroom design ideasCovet House has you covered!


We always fall in love with the little details. Kano Door Pull portrays balance and structure just like the candle-nut tree that was used to make canoes float above water. What beyond the door? That bathroom of your dreams!


Pullcast is one of those brands that really can do more with less. In a world where everything is a copy of another copy, brave are the ones who take the next step. Pullcast makes details shine brighter and surely you will feel the magic of their experience through their exquisite designs.


With Maison Valentina, bathrooms are taking off to new dimensions. One-of-a-kind creations praise any bathroom environment whether you are building it from scratch or just remodeling. Luxury knows no boundaries and Maison Valentina is proof of that.


The Newton Freestanding is truly a piece that makes us wonder. The concept is unusual, the materials are exquisite and the atmosphere it provides is just stunning. That’s all we could ask for!


A luxury bathroom will get you halfway to a luxury home design. The Koi Washbasin is an eye-catching element that will bring one of the most famous symbols of Japanese culture to your home. With style, elegance and grandeur.


As the hand-carved block of Carrara Marble fuses with the polished brass tub, the Petra Towel Rack reveals its full splendor. Make every detail perfect. It’s up to you.


If there’s a room that deserves a little luxury, it’s the bathroom. The Darian Bathtub was conceived with precise knowledge of production techniques and materials, each with different specialties, from metal work to upholstery.


Get Inspired: How To Give A Little Luxury To Your Bathroom (Part V)


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