Interior Design Nostalgia: A Mid-century Modern Bedroom
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Interior Design Nostalgia: A Mid-century Modern Bedroom

Interior Design Nostalgia: A Mid-century Modern Bedroom

Mid-century Modern style is characterized by clean lines, gentle organic curves and adoration for different materials. Functionality is important, with slight ornamentation and the opposition of different and contrasting materials. The floor plans are created with a multipurpose space in mind, with a space fluidity making it seem like one division melts into the other; natural light is the fundamental key in this floor planning. This bedroom brings together elements from both mid-century and modern styles, not only to complement each other but also to create a harmonized space.

Interior Design Nostalgia: A Mid-century Modern Bedroom

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Minnelli Bed

Minnelli Bed is perfect for a bedroom ambiance that is both sober and sophisticated. This bed’s body, which displays beautifully organic lines, is built out of walnut wood and is then expertly covered by bonded velvet. Only the sides are left with exposed wood, showing this bed’s true sobriety. No doubt a truly inspiring design for retro lovers who crave lavish yet clear-headed design.

Liberty Suspension Lamp

The elegant and sublime lines of the Liberty family are now encompassed in the Liberty Suspension Lamp. Its complexity and richness blend harmoniously and is perfect for the ones who love the attention given to detail. Made in brass and crystal glass, this blending is a promise to enlighten any project with its superb elegance.

Lapiaz Nightstand

Inspired by the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, dolomite and gypsum, Lapiaz Nightstand is characterized by the idea of an underground effluence where luxury flows. Resembling a freshly cracked stone, this luxury bedside table boasts a unique golden interior, capable of filling any room with energy and life.

Imperial Snake Rug





The snake is one of the oldest and most well-known mythological symbols, being present in different cultures with similar meanings. The snake is powerfully connected with the power of life and represents the transformation of our lives. Imperial Snake Rug is the most luxurious of our snake-based rugs, with its cream colors in botanical silk framing an elaborate and trendy design.

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