Lush Modern Classic Residence In Dubai
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Lush Modern Classic Residence In Dubai

Lush Modern Classic Residence In Dubai

In another coveted partnership, Covet House and Vyde Studio worked together in a powerful, lush aesthetic for a nine-room modern classic residence in the most lavish city in the world: Dubai. The studio founded by Mahmoud Sherif from Cairo used a panoply of furniture, lighting, and accessory pieces from Covet House in a variety of finishes, materials, and hues to create a lustful design. Every detail was carefully curated to produce an even stronger and imponent look through the shapes and the pieces.

Entirely in unison with the architecture of the duplex, the elements used not only provide a rich and exuberant aesthetic, characteristic of the middle eastern design, but a very sober and almost poetic appeal as you move forward through the two-stories mansion.



Lush Modern Classic Residence In Dubai

Beginning with a huge entryway, this property displays itself as it is: grandiose. The space has a strong marble presence, which will be consistent across the other divisions as well, but it stands out totally due to the enormity of the steps. But don’t worry, the space’s eye-catching architecture is wonderfully complemented by the lighting and other furnishings pieces.


Robin Mirror

From the legend born in the depths of Sherwood Forest, Robin Mirror embodies the strength and character of noble ages, giving them a modern approach. By honoring the history of one of the best archers in English literature, this exquisite piece was given a strong visual texture through the use of handmade nails, each one unique in its finishing, size, and character. The fish-eye mirror is supported by a brass structure that turns Robin into one of the most emblematic pieces of the entire collection.

Living Room

Lush Modern Classic Residence In Dubai

Following the same modern classic aesthetic established in the foyer, the living room is designed in calm and soothing white, leaving room for a few elements to pop up from the rest of the architecture. Both sofas are in a fluid shape matching the more classic elements, while the sleekness and strict lines of the lighting and furniture provide a contemporary addition to the living room.


Robusta Center Table


Robusta Center Table, by Caffe Latte, has both a soft yet eye-catching presence. With an uneven shape, taking inspiration from the disformity of the sub-Saharian plains where the famous Coffea Robusta is grown. Its two marble tops resemble the hues of brown from the exquisite coffee beans and rest perfectly on a delicate and continuous bronze leg. The perfect piece to provide a simple and neutral complement to a modern interior.

Dining Room

Lush Modern Classic Residence In Dubai

Sharing an open space area with the living room, this space shares the same aesthetic as well. Both calm and soothing, the perfect place for a serene dinner or lunch, away from the rushed cosmopolitan life of the capital.


Moka Dining Chair

Moka Dining Chair is a simple yet refined chair that can be featured on an endless array of settings and match an infinite number of styles, from a contemporary project to modern interior design, without being too discreet. Solid woods and vellutino fabrics make this minimal design a must in any dining room.

Service Bathroom

Lush Modern Classic Residence In Dubai

Now in a somber hue, this fantastical bathroom is anything but impressive. Grey walls allow for the marble in classic blue to become like sailing into an ocean, where the gold stands out in every inch of the room. Any guest would be more than fascinated by this bathroom alone, with a much more classic influence evidently, but the boiserie and the detail worked on the ceiling, but especially by the artsy appeal, cohesive throughout the residence.


Lapiaz Freestanding

Lapiaz Freestanding is a square freestanding inspired by natural stone cracks. That’s why it features an incredible fissure handcrafted in polished brass, producing an organic finish. The wooden structure is coated in stainless steel, giving it a reflective luxurious effect. Apart from that, the casted brass sink and polished brass tears show to the world a rich and golden interior.

Master Bedroom

Lush Modern Classic Residence In Dubai

Once again in whites, this master bedroom is comprised of all the characteristics and amenities that create a peaceful environment. Classic architecture clashes with highly contemporary artwork and furniture pieces and a monochromatic color palette that elevates this bedroom into a luxury status.


Château Bed


Château Bed is inspired by the walls of French castles, this magnifique headboard takes every bedroom and turns it into the most exclusive chamber. Made with leather and gold-plated brass bars, it’s a modern headboard that will make an impressive statement in any bedroom – modern or stately.

Master Bathroom

Lush Modern Classic Residence In Dubai

On the other hand of the spectrum, the suite in the master bedroom is all about black. This type of architecture was created with the simple intent of allowing the other pieces to be the eye-catching elements in this spacious and posed bedroom.


Diamond Bathtub

Diamond Bathtub is designed in fiberglass with a luxurious black high-gloss finishing. The diamond-shaped sculptural body is based on its name, making it an exquisite item in any modern bathroom. This bathtub also presents a golden rim, a small detail that stands out.

Girls Room

Lush Modern Classic Residence In Dubai

Once more in white for a peaceful and dreamy retreat for the child, this is the room where dreams and reality meet, where adventure and rest intersect and where style is combined with ergonomy.


Cloud Big Suspension Lamp


The Cloud Big Suspension Lamp is made in an innovative material, created by Circu, designed in several layers and fine coating with fire retardant. Inside, it has a light and sound system are controlled by a mobile app (Ilight) or a remote with several options: choice of music, light effects, and sleep time. The cloud lamp has an RGB light and speakers. The sound system can be controlled by a mobile app that connects with the cloud lamp by Bluetooth. You can choose the music you want to play on your smartphone.

Guest Bedroom

Lush Modern Classic Residence In Dubai

Imponent and imposing, this guest bedroom culminates as much luxury and comfort as possible into one division. Black serves as good of a soothing and calm ambiance as white does, so, to differentiate this bedroom from the master, the walls were used in an opposite color, but remain with the same intersection of classic and contemporary elements and structure.


Hera Suspension Lamp

As the Queen of the Greek Gods, Mother of Nature and the embodiment of Honour and Maternity, Hera Suspension Lamp represents the blossom of a golden new era full of life and inspiring beauty. Defined by strong and emotional paths filled with intricate details, this mythological entity is the magical inspiration behind this lighting piece.


Lush Modern Classic Residence In Dubai

With a panoply of color popping from every corner, this office/library is a masterclass in interior design. Different styles, almost eclectic by nature, this office combines every amenity an office should have.


Nougat Desk

Nougat Desk is inspired by the shape and combination of coffee and chocolate, where the harmonious flavors combine perfectly for an overwhelming taste experience. Fulfilling your cravings for something rich, this high-end desk makes for a deluxe aesthetic the same way chocolate resonates with coffee. The cracks in aged brushed brass over the Nero Marquina marble in the top and legs, resemble the flavorful almonds emerging from the dark chocolate nougat. A desk to indulge in an elegant and modern office.

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