Meet Your New Favourite Kids Rug
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Meet Your New Favourite Kids Rug

Meet Your New Favourite Kids Rug

The Animals Rugs Collection is inspired by the beauty of Nature and the serenity and peace animals can bring to our lives. This collection has got 21 different kids’ rugs with different shapes and patterns. CIRCU designed this collection having in mind your future designs projects that are looking for that key piece to complete the look. Now your little one can learn all about the animal planet and play at the same time. The hard part – like in all of their collections – is choosing your favourite. Covet House will let you take a tour so you can discover the perfect rug!

Party Animal

This rug was inspired by all the kid’s favorite best friends. With a rectangular shape, this rug will provide an explosion of happy colors into any bedroom project. It’s a party and the zoo and we have a special VIP pass for you. What are you waiting for?

The Turtle Tower

This rug was inspired by the Earth. The turtles are a symbol of the world, of the Earth and they teach us the ability to stay grounded and be Strong like a tower. This rug will bring happy memories to your little one and remind him/her that the world is full of possibilities to make dreams come true.

Turtle Shell

This rug was inspired by the calmness turtles inspire. With the use of soft green tones, this rug reminds us of the power of the Earth that is truly our home. The Turtle Shell is perfect for any kids’ bedroom project because it will make them feel protected in their own Shell – their bedroom.

Three’s A Crowd

They say two is a company and three is a crow but here at Circu, we have no limit of guests to this party where the theme is the earth and there’s plenty of water for all of us to dive into an ocean of magical dreams. Join our favorite Earth Tribe and go to the center of the world while never leaving your bedroom.

Giraffe Jungle

This rug was inspired by the wildness and diversity of the animal world. Our little friends with very long necks promise to take your little one on an adventure they will never forget. The use of earth tones is perfect for a safari-inspired bedroom and for every child that loves the animal planet.

The Elephant’s Spell

A, B, C-ute! This rug was inspired by the magic of learning new things every day. Add this magical rug to your bedroom decor project and your little one will make his/her own letter soup and learn new words every day! Our favorite crew – the elephants – will help them spell every word through the spell of magic.

Mr. Ice

Inspired by the movie Ice of Age, this rug has a very unique shape and plays with different shades of blue in order to give an abstract and different touch to any bedroom decor. Mr. Ice will give your little one’s bedroom a warm and comfortable feeling despite its icey name.

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The Power Elephant

This rug was inspired by the unbelievable strength and power Elephants have. The rectangular shape and the use of light shades of grey make this rug the ideal piece for any project because it fits perfectly with every color palette and theme. Let Circu power your dreams and give the little ones to strength to always get back up.

The Whale’s Tale

This rug was inspired by kids’ favorite tales about the ocean and about the whales. These amazing animals are known to be history keepers and they symbolize emotional and peaceful strength. They are the perfect addition to any bedroom or playroom project and they promise to take really good care of your little one.

Tree Of Numbers

This rug was inspired by one of Giraffe’s best friends: the trees. They are a true symbol of nature and they seem so high they could touch the sky. With a round shape and earth tones, they have the design of a special number to help your little one learn while he/she is having fun.

Upside Down

Sometimes there are things that get better if we look at it from a different perspective. This rug was inspired by kids who love to think out of the box and use different shades of earth tones. Different is the new normal and it’s a whole other level of fun.

The Rhino’s Troupe Round

The biggest show of the world full of music, fun, and magic is here and it can be a part of your kid’s bedroom project. This rug was inspired by the world of animals and how special they make our world feel. With the use of different shades such as dark purple and emerald green, this rectangular rug will brighten up any room.

Mr. Rhino

With a unique shape, Mr. Rhino can not wait to join new adventures and be a part of your kid’s bedroom or playroom. With a unique shape, this rug requires a one-of-a-kind project and promises to make it brighter and inspire happiness.

Mr. Potato Game

Inspired by fun shapes, the Mr. Potato Game aims to defy your imagination and think about what the shapes of the rug look like to you. It’s ideal for a playroom decor that aims to be different and to make kids have fun while at home.


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