Oceanfront Penthouse By Michael Wolk Design

Oceanfront Penthouse By Michael Wolk Design


Michael Wolk Design has contributed to the interior design world with a full-service design firm, since 1971,  that shares interior, graphic, product and furniture divisions. His innovative designs have been created throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

This incredible company is focused on joining the forces of a creative team of talented designers and highly skilled technicians for every project, achieving maximum excellence. Innovation and modern settings are everything that this company is looking for when they’re looking to create every setting.

Located on the beach in South Florida, the Oceanfront Penthouse came about after a nationally recognized businessman purchased it and chose Michael Wolk Design to create its interior design. The client asked Michael Wolk for an interior design that was the height of that chosen residence, and all within a specified time frame, along with a budget and timeline.

Oceanfront Penthouse By Michael Wolk Design

The penthouse features floor-to-ceiling windows, providing the opportunity for incredible waterfront views. For this project, Michael Wolk used custom furniture, blending sophisticated natural organic tones with opulent finishes to create luxurious and modern living environments.


The project designed one-way mirrored glass that extends from the dining room to the master bedroom, in order to create an illusion of the ocean throughout the space.

Oceanfront Penthouse By Michael Wolk Design

Thinking of entertainment and intimate environments perfect for the penthouse, Michael Wolk created a curved wine tasting room, a game room, and a home theatre.

Oceanfront Penthouse By Michael Wolk Design

Michael Wolk’s team also thought about the space for two large private terraces on the waterfront. This space also contains a floating granite bar accompanied by a dream infinity pool. This incredible Penthouse is one of the most desirable units in South Beach, for sure.

Oceanfront Penthouse By Michael Wolk Design

With this very successful penthouse project completed, it not only pleased the client but was also a focus in many architectures and design publications. The penthouse owner, now a Michael Wolk devotee, also commissioned Michael to provide his personalized services at his other residences around the country.

If the goal was to make the space even more fabulous with this breathtaking view, we couldn’t imagine a better project than this penthouse!


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Oceanfront Penthouse By Michael Wolk Design

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