Paris best Interior Designers you should know

Paris best Interior Designers you should know

Paris is always at the top of the remembered cities when it comes to art, fashion, beauty, and design. Therefore, it’s no surprise that great names of interior design were recognized for their work in the city and, consequently, all around the world. Check out a curated selection of the best 5 interior designers from Paris and get the inspiration you were looking for.


#1 – Alberto Pinto

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When you talk about Parisian interior designers, Alberto Pinto’s name always comes along. The diverse cultural influences of his childhood gave way to his eclectic and unique work. During his life, he had designed the interior of apartments, corporations, hotels, yachts and jets. After his passing in 2012, his sister took over the management of his company.

#2 – Philippe Starck

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Known around the world for his contemporary and light design, Philippe Starck founded his own company in 1979 and remains a reference as one of the best in Paris. He was responsible for developing the renovation of the personal apartment of the president of his country, was also an art director at Pierre Cardin and won many awards prizes. Creator of over 10.000 projects, his goal is to help people improve their lives through design.

#3 – Gilles e Boissier

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Gilles and Boissier have combined their complementary talents to create some of the best interior design projects of the past 15 years. The contradictions and oppositions are their differentials, giving birth to this partnership that unites wood species and pure lines and colours, spatial fluidity and elegance. Internationally recognized, the pair owns a collection of projects, furniture, objects, and emotions based in Paris.

#4 – Jean-Louis Deniot

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More than just projects of interior design, Jean-Louis Deniot is a master in creating atmospheres. From Paris, his eclectic style diversifies his work from classical to contemporary style, resulting in balanced and elegant creations. Jean-Louis is regularly featured in international publications making him one of the most published designers of today.

#5 – Christian Liaigre

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Christian Liaigre is known for his clean lines and perfect proportions. He was born in La Rochelle, but it was in Paris that he started to study at the Paris Academy of Fine and Decorative Arts. His first project to win acclaim was the refurbishment of the Hotel Montalembert in Paris in 1988. Besides that, he designed private residences for Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Rupert Murdoch and Bryan Adams. He masters the art of good use of space and light, through a special love of arts and crafts. 

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