Salone del Mobile 2022: A Point of Transition For Kartell
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Salone del Mobile 2022: A Point of Transition For Kartell

Salone del Mobile 2022: A Point of Transition For Kartell

Kartell. The dot after the name defines the brand’s identity with maximum precision. Being Kartell means business, industry, design, creativity, stores, digital, events, people, environment and materials. Salone del Mobile 2022 was both a point of arrival and a new starting point for Kartell. It represents a point of transition that embodies everything they have said and done in the past and that contains the seeds of all future designs. The identity of the brand is expressed by eight keywords represented by symbolic objects that guide visitors through displays and settings dedicated to different interpretations of Kartell’s lifestyle, on a journey ending in the main Creativity Square of their stand at Salone del Mobile 2022. This journey through the world of Kartell reveals the multiple facets of the brand through products, materials and ideas that demand to be discovered.


Salone del Mobile 2022: A Point of Transition For Kartell

Being a design company allows Kartell to express its creativity on multiple fronts. The commitment is to look to the long term and to design and produce objects that will not suffer from the passage of time. Pursuing creativity is the choice of the company to be able to work on different materials without preclusions. This happens if the design is original, the result of a creative process that takes shape in constant dialogue, free from influence, between the entrepreneur and the designer.


Salone del Mobile 2022: A Point of Transition For Kartell

The economy of beauty takes Kartell into the future with the ability to draw on Italy’s unrivaled cultural heritage and translate it into objects that are beautiful and sustainable. The company’s ambition is to make beauty sustainable. Beauty also demands an appropriate arrangement of furnishings in our points of sale.


Salone del Mobile 2022: A Point of Transition For Kartell

It is a continuously evolving concept. Everything that is done today and that comes from the past must be sustainable. There is no other way. This is the route that Kartell has taken, starting from compliance with objectives in the design phase of every new product. Namely to respect the commitment defined in the manifesto “Kartell loves the planet”, progressively continuing to improve the results in the various areas of action from the product to organizational management, finance and social. As always, the materials are the very heart of the sustainable evolution process.


Salone del Mobile 2022: A Point of Transition For Kartell

Artificial intelligence, metaverse, digital art. Kartell too has tried out A.I., first of all in an innovative project but it did so to support human intelligence because this is what must prevail at all times. Only the workings of a creative mind can produce timeless objects that span the ages – objects that draw inspiration from the past to become future design icons, totally functional, ahead of the times, but still able to preserve their beauty and valuable identity as the years go by and as textures, colors, are currently needs and materials change.


Salone del Mobile 2022: A Point of Transition For Kartell

In order to pursue creativity, sometimes we find ourselves confronted with a problem related to technology that was not there but that we try to solve with research and passion in order to transform an obstacle into an opportunity. Continuous advances in science are making it possible to identify new machines and processes that are more functional in the pursuit of sustainability as well as performance. Like injection molding machines that use less raw material, green transformation techniques, and conversion of waste into noble material.


Salone del Mobile 2022: A Point of Transition For Kartell

Product quality, production controls and after-sales assistance are the elements that distinguish the original from the copy. The success of Kartell products has often given rise to counterfeits and imitations. The company therefore needs to be rigorous in guaranteeing total originality and excellent quality throughout the supply chain, from design to production, promotion, and sale. Excellent relations with end customers is ensured by the brand’s ability to communicate and excite others by relating the genesis and value of their product.


Salone del Mobile 2022: A Point of Transition For Kartell

Culture in Kartell “materializes” in creating, and managing one’s wealth of experience, transforming it into a common and shared heritage. Every new product is inspired by cultural heritage. The Kartell Museum stimulates us to look to the past in order to lay the foundations for a prosperous future. And that future is certain to be a step forwards, a step ahead of the rest, and a step in the direction we want to travel. There can be no future without memory. Kartell’s future is based on the experience of the founders, past experience, and on the many Kartell products that have been admired and purchased all over the world.


Salone del Mobile 2022: A Point of Transition For Kartell

Kartell looks ahead by collecting what has been done up to now and continuing with his spirit of continuous research, working with his team of designers, and expanding the approach to the catalog. Kartell is increasingly attentive to the management of the sales spaces and the shop windows that, distributed throughout the world, must completely represent the overall vision of the brand. The future is already present and encourages us to continue working with passion, enthusiasm and rigor. At the heart is Kartell’s family, of which the third generation is already playing a key role in management in order to be a global family business founded on ethics, which is the basis of every Kartell action.


New Products Presented by Covet House at Salone del Mobile 2022


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