Studio Seilern: Architecture That Lasts
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Studio Seilern: Architecture That Lasts

Studio Seilern: Architecture That Lasts

Studio Seilern is a London-based international creative practice established in 2006 by Christina Seilern with the intent of producing exceptional architecture that lasts, working across geographies, building sizes and typologies. Their diverse portfolio of built work spans the UK, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. They believe that architecture does not just rely on innovation and design, but on the ability to deliver a project from conception through to completion. Studio Seilern’s expertise lies within commercial, high-end residential, mixed-use, cultural, master planning and educational projects.

Gota Dam Residence | Zimbabwe

Sforza Seilern Architects, an artistic collaboration between Studio Seilern Architects and Muzia Sforza, completed their first African project – a house on a rock. This 1,500m2 building is situated atop a granite rock overlooking a large man-made dam for the extensive surrounding farmland. The area is, to say the least, breathtaking and deserved a piece of architecture that was equally awe-inspiring.

Hewer Street | UK

This residential project was completed in two phases. The first involved the renovation of a former postal sorting office into a 450m2 private residence with original 1920s structural roof bracing and exterior London brick walls preserved and restored. The second phase addressed the remainder of the space, which was completely reconfigured and rebuilt, involving an extension into a neighboring Georgian terrace.

Lauenen Residence | Switzerland

The site is located on the only sunny face of the valley, overlooking the Late Gothic village church (1520) and cemetery with views of a glacier and its dramatic waterfalls. All materials were kept in their rawest, most natural form. The boldness of exposed concrete contrasts against the richness of local roughened wood panelling on both walls and ceilings. The floors are treated with over-sized whitened birch planks, creating variance in texture and bringing softness to the interiors.

Kensington Residence | UK

This scheme, set in a conservation area, combines two twin terraced houses behind historic facades to create one large family dwelling. The house is composed of one main body with three stories and a two-story extension to the rear. At its core is a steel spiral staircase that visually connects all levels of the house. The scheme was engineered in such a way that it meant additional fire protection of the stairs was unnecessary.

Anti Paros Πergola | Greece

ΠERGOLA Pergola is designed around ample exterior living space. The core living areas, namely, the lounge and the kitchen area, are pulled apart creating a large pergola-covered space in between. This outdoor lounge includes two fireplaces, a sitting area, and a dining area with a view of the ancient island of Despotiko. The sleeping areas are arranged on two levels creating more external spaces planted with vegetation native to the Cyclades.

Paros Residence | Greece

The Paros Residence is a stunning private home located on one of Greece’s exclusive islands. With its traditional design blended with a contemporary approach, the house also features a swimming pool and crafted outdoor space. Rising above an olive grove on the serene west side of Paros, this private residence is centered on the setting of the August sun. The solar axis is described by a linear path that terminates at a negative-edge pool cantilevering into the Aegean blue.


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