The Undeniable Charm Of Mid-century Modern Design
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The Undeniable Charm Of Mid-century Modern Design

The Undeniable Charm Of Mid-century Modern Design

Mid-century Modern Design is characterized by clean lines, gentle organic curves and adoration for different materials. This interior design style celebrates functionality, and this is still a key tenant when decorating homes of the 21st century. On the other hand, color is also a major component of mid-century modern. Also, the fusion between indoors and outdoors is really present here. While some homeowners will commit to a fully mid-century modern home, anyone can easily infuse this look into their living rooms with a few simple tweaks. This living room looks futuristic, but it isn’t a total departure from the past.

The Undeniable Charm Of Mid-century Modern Design

In Need Of Time Traveling Powers?


Philip Center Table

In Need Of Time Traveling Powers?



Philip Center Table takes Ezra’s challenging concepts of design and interprets them in an all-new and natural way. The structure of this magnificent center table turns around the different variations of the geometrical round shape and follows the unusual base idea of the fabulous dining table.

Isaac Rug






The Isaac Rug is the triumph of geometry and color, which combines rounded, square and vertical lines. An unusual combination of colors makes it provocative and, at the same time, impossible to not observe the design’s surprising harmony. A mid-century rug with botanical silk and natural wool, where four different techniques are present, giving the rug a three-dimensional feel that makes it stand out in every room.

Scofield Floor Lamp



Scofield Floor Lamp has five chrome lights all supported by a white brass base. Each light and bracket rotate separately allowing different light focuses. This mid-century modern floor lamp has round lampshades in aluminum that can support different activities and create an industrial design in the room. With matte white and a nickel-plated finish, the Scofield Floor Lamp can be customized with any RAL color of your choosing, adding a more personalized and welcoming atmosphere to your modern industrial interior design.

Mansfield Armchair

Mansfield Armchair is our ultimate mid-century modern masterpiece, combining the retro touch from the velvet with the 60’s sleek lines. It is an accent barrel chair atop a sophisticated swivel polished brass base. Its iconic low-slung and crescent shape make it look like a dislocated piece right from the mid-century Mad Men era.

Blakey Suspension Lamp

Blakey Suspension Lamp is a hanging lamp, which mirrors the era and modern art. It has a symbiosis between a strong presence to highlight a space, and the simplicity of the shapes, and their proportions adjusted to the reality of our day. It is presented in its standard version with a matte black structure, with shades and the central sphere highlighted in gold, an option given to give greater elegance.

Fitzgerald Modular Sofa


Fitzgerald Modular Sofa is the furniture piece of your dreams, rounded and oversized, with a low backrest and a cockpit structure Inspired by the shapes of Italian architecture, this piece proves art and interior design come together once you have the right eye for it. Already a mid-century modern design icon.


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