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A Calming View by Lori Gentile

Lori Gentile Shows Us A Relaxing Place

Lori Gentile is an interior designer based in California that started channeling her creativity and passion for the industry since her childhood. She is an artist and a consummate professional and is always eager and willing to put her experience and creativity to work.

Since Lori was able to establish her own firm in 1998, she had the opportunity to travel to exotic parts of the world and to expose herself to diverse cultures which gave her experiences she utilizes and inserts in her work.

Lori is a hands-on designer, employing fresh ideas and stunning new resources, so she can provide the ultimate personal service and pay the greatest attention to detail. She constantly seeks to expand her horizons and as a result, her style is constantly evolving.

In this project of hers, she was able to show cool tones in a sophisticated manner giving a really pleasant feel to the eye. The Eden side-table by Boca do Lobo is an excellent choice for a cosmopolitan luxury environment with a simple yet refined Amy table lamp by DelightFULL to go with it.


Boca do Lobo