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A Curated Luxury Experience

Covet Douro Is a Place Full Of Inspiration

Gold has always been synonymous with luxury and grandeur. Here, we have an ambiance you can find at Covet House Douro, the ultimate experience of lived-design specially conceived for all design lovers worldwide. What do you think of this golden glimmering combination?

Golden tones are suitable for all room divisions and that makes it a versatile feature and an ageless element. From the Monocles cabinet and the Koi center table to the Duke floor lamp and the Bohème safe, everything is in harmony for that luxurious atmosphere you’ve been seeking for so long. An interior should always be the natural projection of the soul, right?

Covet House Douro is truly a whimsical escape for exclusive clients and partners to be inspired, or simply a destination to relax over a weekend and be immersed in the innovative this Covet House experience. Hope we will see you soon!