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A Living Coral Inspiration

A Soft Tone For Powerful Interiors

Named by Pantone as the Color of the Year 2019, the Living Coral color and its hues sit perfectly between orange and pink – a warm and nurturing color. Delicate, feminine and whimsical, it expresses sleekness and fluidity all around. Erika Cavallini, Marc Jacobs and Etro used perfectly this color by combining it with various shades of orange or pink, transcending from clothes and garments to the interior design and decoration world.
Whimsical is the perfect word to describe the playfulness of Circu’s products – this small and petit Elephant Stool – introducing a modern design, ensuring that a playful and nurturing feeling is present, just like in the clothes itself. Just like the fluidity on this Marc Jacob’s garment, the shapes and waves of the Cloud Sofa, transmit the softness of the clouds, the smoothness and comfort, just like the fabrics used in the attire.
So, saying that this lovely color is essential in every wardrobe this year is completely unnecessary, just like saying that Essential Home’s mid-century modern furniture is another of 2019’s trends. Combining pastel colors into their style, this brand created some of the most exquisite and sleek pieces. With clean lines, the Edith Sideboard is upholstered with soft velvet, complementing the softness of the fabric with the tenderness of the living coral hue. Those attributes are also present in the Monroe Armchair, an enchanting and glamorous piece also covered in soft and delicate velvet.


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