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A Silver Interior Design Inspiration

When Silver Is Synonymous With Luxury Design

A complete standout from all of the 2019 runway collections, but also one of the best colors to convey luxury and modern designs. Both complimenting each other, fashion and interior design have never been more in sync than by this fascinating color. Fierce, futuristic, but also historical, fashion runways have seen at least one of these iterations. Names like Milly, Isabel Marant and Philip Lim used it their collections.

Structured silver jackets at Balmain, with a touch of fierceness in metal corsets, are completely reminiscent of the lines used in the harsh lines of the Diamond Pyrite sideboard from Boca do Lobo. A modern and yet somehow futuristic design, this sideboard is a true homage to the chrome/silver color. Short silver dresses were pure fun on the Celine runways, and that sense of playfulness is what the Concave Metamorphosis mirror also from Boca do Lobo tried to convey, by using different materials, and the small highly detailed insects with different metals, complementing the round silver mirror. A look that comes full circle. The futuristic appeal is also present in the highly represented in the Lapiaz Marble freestanding from Maison Valentina. Playing with the materials and colors, the silver creek represents the strength of mother nature, completing this color collection with the marble Eden Stone freestanding. Both strong pieces. Representing both the strength of this color trend.


Boca do Lobo